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Pete Dunne, Killian Dain & Damian Priest battled to earn an NXT Championship Match at Survivor Series


This is a Triple Threat to determine the opponent for NXT Champion Adam Cole at Survivor Series on Sunday. Damian Priest was out first, followed by Killian Dain. Pete Dunne was out last to a pop. All three to start for the first few minutes. Dain clotheslined Priest to the floor, but he lands on his feet. Dunne brought Dain down by his fingers and stomped on them. Priest ran in and decked Dunne with a big fist. He went to run and leapt to Dain on the floor, but Dunne decked him in mid-air.

Priest went on for the Razor’s Edge on Dunne, but Dain stopped that. Dain hit a big Michinoku Driver, slamming Dunne onto Priest’s face. Priest kicked out at two and Dunne also kicked out at two. Dain slammed Priest into the steel ring steps over and over. Dunne charged while Dain was carrying Priest. Dain caught them both and hit a big double fall-away slam on the floor for a pop. He had Dunne by himself in the ring, launching him into the corner. Dunne hit hard and went down. So, the fans looked to rally for Dunne. He fought back, but Dain kneed him.

Dunne slid out of a move and unloaded with big chops. Priest nailed Dain in the corner after Dunne moved. Dunne ended up nailing a big kick to Priest’s face. He hit a snap suplex on Dain and then stomped his hand, then delivered a stiff kick for a big pop. Dunne dropped Priest into the leaping cross armbreaker as he approached. Dain and Priest hit a double team powerbomb to Dunne, fighting off a submission from the mat. Fans booed Dain and Priest as they sized each other up.

Priest slapped Dain who fought back, and they went at it. Dain kept fighting, but Priest rocked him with knee strikes. Dunne got involved while fans were cheering him on. He unloaded on both opponents. All three started throwing big strikes in the middle of the ring. Dain dropped Priest, but Dunne dropped Dain, then stomped on his hand. The big strikes continued between all three competitors. They all collided once again in the middle of the ring, but this time they all went down. So, the fans clap and chant “NXT!”

Further, Dain and Dunne went at it. Priest flew from the top and took both down. He hit a Broken Arrow to Dunne. Priest went on and dropped Dunne for a two count while Dain was down on the outside. He sent Dunne to the floor. Priest hit the Razor’s Edge onto the Spanish announce table to Dunne. The fans and Priest went wild. Dain ran the ropes and leapt out, taking Priest down with a dive. He followed up with a big cannonball on Priest on the floor. So, the fans chanted “NXT!” and “holy shit!” at the ringside carnage.

Dain brought Priest into the ring for a close two count. Priest fought to his feet, but Dain slammed him and hit a Senton. Dain climbed to the top for a Vader Bomb, but Priest got up and delivered a kick. Priest hit Razor’s Edge in the middle of the ring, but Dunne broke the pin at two, just in time. Dunne unloaded with bots to Priest, while he was standing and then while he was down. He hit a big running forearm to Priest in the corner. Priest followed up with a jumping elbow to the face of his own. He ran and leapt out, taking Dain back down on the floor.

Dunne climbed to the top and nailed a big moonsault to the floor, taking Dain and Priest out at the same time. He got in the ring first, followed by Priest. Priest got up first and told Dunne to bring it. Dunne unloaded with chops. Priest delivered a huge clothesline. Dunne blocked The Reckoning from Priest. He countered Priest into an armbreaker and pulled it back, but Dain broke it up with a huge kick to the face of Dunne. Dain took Priest up in the Electric Chair and drove him into the mat for a close two count. He turned Dunne upside down in the corner and launched Priest at him.

Dain charged again with a big cannonball to both competitors. He hit a Vader Bomb over Priest’s back and covered, but Dunne broke the pin with a moonsault. Dain hit the Bitter End on Dain for a two count as Priest broke it up with a kick to the jaw. Dunne rocked Priest when he gets up. He climbed to the top, but Priest nailed a Cyclone Kick. Priest went up and launched Dunne into Dain with a super Frankensteiner. He delivered more big shots to both opponents. Priest hit The Reckoning on Dunne, but Dain broke it up once again. Dain took out Dunne’s knee with a chop block. He dropkicked Priest off the apron to the floor.

Dain climbed to the top, but Dunne jumped up and kicked him. Killian was sitting on the top. Dunne climbed up, but Priest climbed up with them. Dunne snapped Priest’s fingers, and he fell to the apron, then the floor. He hit a superplex to Dain. Priest came in, but Dunne hit him with a Bitter End for a two count as Dain broke it with a Senton. Dain put Dunne in the Electric Chair again, but Dunne brought him down with a Sleeper on top of Priest. Dunne took advantage and hooked Priest’s leg as Dain swings but not in time as Dunne pinned Priest to earn the title shot.

Result: Pete Dunne def. Killian Dain & Damian Priest 

After the match, Mauro confirmed Pete Dunne vs. NXT Champion Adam Cole for WWE Survivor Series.



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