Pete Dunne came out first. Danny Burch was out next for the match. Burch hit the ring and got in Dunne’s face before the bell. The match started, and they locked up. They traded holds, and Dunne took Burch down. Dunne started working on Burch’s fingers now. He took Burch down into an armbar. Burch countered into a Crossface.

They got back to their feet, and both swung but missed. Burch ran the ropes, but Dunne rocked him with a big shot while a “BruiserWeight!” chant started up. Burch covered Dunne for a two count. They traded big strikes in the middle of the ring. Burch rocked Dunne into the corner with forearms. Dunne countered and delivered a kick, and then a German. He stomped on the fingers and kicked Burch in the face.

Dunne delivered a sitdown powerbomb for a close pin attempt in the middle of the ring. Burch countered and rolled Dunne for a two count. So, they collided in the middle of the ring with strikes. Burch hit a headbutt. He caught Dunne with a Pop-up Powerbomb. Burch kept control and delivered a knee. He delivered more big offense for another close pin attempt. Burch showed some frustration.

Therefore, the fans chanted “this is awesome!” Dunne countered and delivered a kick. He hit more big strikes, but Brunch fought back. Dunne worked on the fingers again. He hit a Bitter End in the middle of the ring for the pin to win. After the match, Dunne stood tall while the music hit.

The lights went out, and Damian Priest came in. Priest came from the side and dropped Dunne with a big right hand. He dropped Dunne with his rolling cutter finisher. Priest pointed to his name on the big screen and then talked trash down in Dunne’s face. He stood tall while his music played.


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