Pete Dunne came out first. Damian Priest was out next. They did some sizing up and taunting early on and tangled, both going for finishers early on. Dunne countered The Reckoning while Priest countered The Bitter End. More counters and quick back & forth before they faced off. Priest hit a Falcon Arrow in the middle of the ring for a two count. We saw how Priest rocked Dunne with big strikes during the break.

Priest kept Dunne down on the mat with more kicks and then grounded him. Dunne fought back and up, driving Priest down. He unloaded with open palm strikes to the chest. Dunne went on and dazed Priest with an Enziguri. He delivered a missile dropkick from the top. Priest blocked a German Suplex with an elbow. He went for a German, but Dunne landed on his feet.

Dunne came back and rocked Priest with a kick to the head, sending him back out of the ring. He climbed to the top and flew, taking Priest back down on the floor with a moonsault. So the fans chanted “NXT!” Priest ended up turning it around on the outside, driving Dunne’s back into the edge of the apron. Dunne brought it back in and came off the top but Dunne hit him in mid-air. He hit a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.

Dunne hit a double stomp on the hand. He kept control but had The Bitter End blocked. Priest delivered a bell clap and a kick to drop Dunne, sending him out for a breather. He ran the ropes and flew over the top rope, taking Dunne back down. Mauro and the fans popped big. The two men traded big strikes in the middle of the ring. They collided with a dropkick attempt by Dunne and a big boot from Priest.

Both superstars went down while fans chanted “NXT!” again. Dunne blocked a kick and delivered a big headbutt. Priest came back and turned Dunne inside out with a clothesline. Dunne blocked another finisher, but Priest came back and hit the Crucifix Bomb. He still kicked out at two while fans went wild again. Priest stood over Dunne and motioned for his bow and arrow, but Dunne grabbed Priest’s hand and fought up.

Dunne took it into the corner by holding Priest’s fingers. Priest backed into the referee. Dunne ended up nailing a kick below the belt while the referee had his back turned due to Priest. He went right into the armbar, and Priest tapped out for the win, evening the rivalry at 1-1. After the match, Dunne stood tall, looked at the camera and shrugged his shoulders over the low blow. Priest recovered, and Dunne stared at him.

Moreover, Killian Dain attacked Dunne, beating him down. Priest joined in, and they double-teamed Dunne to some boos. Dain splashed Dunne in the corner and then nailed a Vader Bomb. He got down in Dunne’s face and made his exit while some fans chanted “shave your back!” Dain was leaving, and Priest attacked him from the side. Dain fought back and launched Priest into the steel ring steps. He backed up and nailed a big cannonball into Priest and the steps. Dain stared down Dunne and Priest, talking trash while some fans booed.


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