WWE Champion Kofi Kingston touched base for “The Kevin Owens Show” in his typical good-humored disposition. However, it didn’t remain as such for long. Kingston beat Kevin Owens to the punch and touched base to the ring first for the syndicated program. Similarly as going to present Owens for his own show. Aside from KO was mysteriously absent. With it resembling tonight’s scene would be all the more fittingly titled “The Kofi Show.”

Kingston started to think about so anyone might hear whether Owens wasn’t out there this evening since he was terrified. KO before long appeared, yet on the TitanTron. He asserted despite the fact that Kofi achieved his dream at WrestleMania but presently finished and the truth was setting in. As indicated by Owens, Kofi was just WWE Champion as a result of The New Day and his rule would end when the two impacted this Sunday at WWE Money in the Bank.

Owens helped Kofi to remember exactly what he prepared to do, appearing of him threatening the WWE list; counting his assault on Xavier Woods a week ago. Kofi terminated back, clearing the ring of any unneeded articles, prepared to battle. At the point when Owens hit the scene yet wouldn’t enter the ring, Kofi energized the slope yet after just a couple of blows traded between the two. Sami Zayn showed up through the Wild Card Rule and ambushed the WWE Champion with his companion.

Xavier Woods surged out to even the odds, yet KO and Sami overpowered him. Owens caught Kofi in the corner, shouting that he wasn’t going to do his most noticeably terrible now. He needed to leave simply enough so he could take his championship on Sunday. Kingston terminated back against his tormentors and associated with an all-around flawless Trouble in Paradise on Zayn and sent a definitive message to KO. Kingston was prepared for whatever would come to his direction this Sunday at WWE Money in the Bank.


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