Otis took Mandy Rose on a date that involved a horse carriage and a rose for The Golden Goddess. The couple talked about a lot of things, and it seems like they are getting along quite well. Otis won Mandy’s heart recently after she realized Sonya Deville had sabotaged her Valentine date with Heavy Machinery member. Otis defeated Ziggler with help from Mandy at WrestleMania 36, and the duo have been together ever since.   

During WWE Ride Along, Otis asked Mandy whether she considers herself a modern-day Trish Stratus and Mandy said she does. He went on to recall a hilarious incident from the time he was a WWE fan and attended a show that featured the WWE legend. Otis tried to run towards Trish while she was making her entrance which didn’t end well for him.

“A little story I have got to tell ya. I was at a wrestling show as a kid. Trish is coming out, and she’s the Champion at the time, she’s the Women’s Champion. She’s out there, she’s got the belt on, pointing at everybody. and I thought she pointed at me. I lost my mind. I can’t control my emotions really well. I just sprinted down the stairs, and I’m about 5th grade, so I do look like an adult that was 200 lbs. So I’m going down the stairs and this security guard basically spears me right in the side. So, I went BAM! I landed on the edge of the stairs. The whole time, I’m on the ground like, ‘Trish, touch me!’”


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