We saw a SUV pull up to the arena in the back. Charlotte Flair hopped out and made her way into the building. After the break, Bianca Belair came out. Belair took the mic and said she will be challenging for the NXT Women’s Title next week at “Takeover: Portland.” But apparently Rhea Ripley forgot about that because she went to RAW to challenge Charlotte Flair for WrestleMania 36. Belair said she doesn’t care about all of that – she doesn’t care about a Queen, because she just wants Ripley to come out here right now.

However, the music interrupted and Charlotte Flair came out to a pop, making her return to NXT. Flair joked with Belair to open the ropes for her, but Belair wasn’t impressed. Fans chanted “welcome home!” as Flair showed off after the music stopped. Flair said she loves a NXT “Wooo!” and she delivered another. She said she has a lot of respect for Belair but Belair is not her. Flair went on about Belair making it all about herself, but the music interrupted and Rhea Ripley came out. Fans chanted “Rhea!” as she hit the ring.

All three Superstars faced off. Flair put her face in Belair’s face to back her out of the face-off. Belair was getting hyped up while Ripley took the mic, telling Flair to spit it out if she came here for a purpose. Ripley said she’s all about dropping The Queen at WrestleMania. Belair stepped in between them and told them to hold up. She addressed Flair and said Flair is standing here but Flair doesn’t even go here. So, fans chanted “EST!”

Belair said Ripley thinks she’s just going to run over her in Portland, but no. She said it will be her vs. Flair at WrestleMania because Ripley can’t beat the EST of NXT. Flair said this is a confrontation for champions, so Belair needs to stand over to the side and fix her braid. Ripley told Flair she didn’t come to RAW disrespecting her, so don’t come to NXT disrespecting us. The Nightmare said she and Belair are going to tear each other apart at Takeover, but they have a saying here in case Flair forgot – We Are NXT.

Belair decked Flair out of nowhere. Flair came out of the corner but got double teamed, straight into the mat on her face. Fans chanted “NXT!” as Ripley and Belair stood over Flair. Ripley and Belair had words while Flair sells the attack on the mat. Belair talked more trash to Ripley and made her exit. Flair rolled out of the ring and also headed to the back while Ripley was holding her title in the ring.



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