Moustache Mountain defeats The Hunt via Pinfall

Tyler and Mike begin the match off before Trent comes in and slashes him. Trent hit a suicide plunge before Primate hits a suplex for a snappy two check. Mike comes in and headbutts Trent before Primate pummels him and hits a running clothesline in the corner. Tyler at that point comes in and hits a huricanrrana, and a t-bone suplex before Mustache Mountain hit their finisher for the stick and the success.

Joe Coffey defeats Flash Morgan Webster with The Best of the Bells

Joe hurls Flash over the ring and drops him with a shoulder obstruct before Flash hits a profound arm drag and a senton for a two tally. Coffey turns Flash in circles and secures a full nelson before Flash transforms it into a cross for one tally. Streak hits a high traverse the top rope before hitting a flipping senton over the top rope. Streak folds Joe once again into the ring and hits a jumping leg drop before dropping Joe with a bike knee for a near fall. Joe counters a jumping senton and lances Flash before turning him back to front with The Best of the Bells.

Grizzled Young Veterans defended their NXT UK Tag Team Champions against Kenny Williams and Noam Dar

Noam Dar turns out to supplant Amir Jordan before he and Kenny clear the ring and GYV hit their mark leg drop backbreaker at ringside. Back in the ring James clotheslines Dar and begins concentrating on his knee before James grapevines the legs of Dar to shield him from labeling in Kenny. Zack pulls Kenny from the cover and Dar, at last, gets the tag and thumps Zack off of the cover before hitting a springboard cross body and a running lower arm in the corner. Kenny hits a destroying ball dropkick and a tornado DDT for a near fall before James hits a backbreaker.

Dar surges Zack when he gets the tag. Noam secures in the champagne kneebar, and Zack breaks the hold directly before James taps. James hits an enzuigiri and Dar gets a close tumble off of inside support before James secures a solitary leg Boston crab. Kenny breaks the hold before Dar taps, and Kenny hits a turning facebuster for a close fall, James hitting a running dropkick into the corner before the Grizzled Young Veterans hit Helter Skelter for the stick and the success.


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