The Street Profits came out with rapper Wale. Wale said a few words before heading out to the arena with Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. The Street Profits and Wale entered the crowd to celebrate with fans, who were holding up red Solo cups. They headed to the ring next with Wale on the mic. So, this went on for a few minutes until the music hit, and NXT Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly came out.

Taylor did formal ring introductions. Dawkins started with O’Reilly, and they traded holds. Dawkins dropped O’Reilly with a shoulder and covered for one count. However, the two teams faced off in the ring. The champs went to the floor for a breather. Fish tagged in, and Hawkins took him to the corner. Ford tagged in to go at it with Fish. Also, he rocked Fish who went to the floor for a breather. Ford dropkicked both opponents.

Fish dropped Ford with a big right hand to the jaw. He took Ford to the corner and worked him over. O’Reilly tagged in to keep the offense going. O’Reilly took Ford down and dropped forearms, and then drove knees. He kept control and taunted Dawkins. Ford and O’Reilly traded strikes. O’Reilly dropped Ford but got rolled up for a two count. He hit more big strikes to drop Ford. Fish tagged back in for a two count. He rocked Ford into the ropes and took him down.

Fish flew in from the apron with a senton for another pin attempt. He took Ford back to the corner, and the champs hit a double suplex. O’Reilly covered for a two count. O’Reilly mounted Ford and pounded on him. Ford fought off another double team, but they turned it back around. Fish hit a snap suplex and another. He delivered a third snap suplex for a two count. Fish took it back to the corner and tagged in O’Reilly for double team kicks.

O’Reilly covered for a two count. Ford fought off another double team. He sent Fish out of the ring to the floor. Ford drove O’Reilly into the mat with a Uranage. Dawkins waited for the hot tag. Fish knocked Dawkins off the apron. O’Reilly turned it back around on Ford with rolling butterfly suplexes. Fish tagged back in for the big double team for another close pin attempt. The double teaming continued on Ford.

Finally, Ford made the hot tag to Dawkins. Dawkins ran wild on both opponents. He ran right through a double team and dropped them both for a pop. Dawkins hit 360 splashed on both opponents. Dawkins kept control and hit a Spear on Fish, sending him to the floor. He and O’Reilly go at it, trading shots. Dawkins caught O’Reilly with a big suplex for a two count. He charged but ran into a knee.

O’Reilly unloaded in the corner. Fish hit a cheap shot while O’Reilly distracted the referee. Dawkins cleared the ring and crawled for a tag, but Ford was nowhere. O’Reilly flew from the top and hit a diving knee on Dawkins. He applied a leg submission. Fish came in and fought Ford, catching him in a guillotine. Ford drove Fish into O’Reilly and Dawkins, breaking the hold.

However, the fans chanted “NXT!” Dawkins and O’Reilly kept fighting in the middle of the ring. Dawkins landed a big enziguri. Fish tagged in and went to the top but missed a top rope splash. Ford tagged in and followed up with a splash on Fish for a close pin attempt. Dawkins placed Fish on his shoulders while Ford climbed to the top. But O’Reilly made the save. Dawkins fought both opponents at ringside.

Ford ran and leaped out, taking all three down. So, they chanted, “holy shit!” NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong interfered, but Dawkins hit a Spear on him. They both fell to the floor from the apron. The champs hit the High Low on Ford, and O’Reilly covered for the pin to retain.  After the match, Strong stood tall with Fish and O’Reilly. NXT Champion Adam Cole appeared on the ramp and raised his title at his partners in the ring.

Further, the music hit and Tommaso Ciampa making his return. Thus, the fans went wild at Ciampa’s return from neck surgery. Ciampa slowly walked out to the stage and stared Cole down, also keeping an eye on the title. Cole and Ciampa faced off on the stage. The NXT season premiere went off the air with Cole and Ciampa staring each other down on the stage.


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