Keith Lee came out first. Matt Riddle was out next. NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish came out for tonight’s non-title main. The bell rang, and Riddle got taken out first. They went for Lee, but he fought both opponents off. Lee leveled Fish with a huge shot in the middle of the ring while fans chanted his name. He avoided a double team to the floor and knocked O’Reilly from the apron to the floor. Fish joined O’Reilly on the floor to regroup. Riddle dropped O’Reilly at ringside. He backed Fish back into the ring, and Lee dropped Fish with a shoulder as he re-entered.

Riddle tagged in and rocked Fish with a big overhead chop a while Lee held him. Lee did the same. O’Reilly came over, but he also took big chops Lee and Riddle dominated the champions. Riddle hit a big Jackhammer on Fish in the middle of the ring, just like WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. Fish rocked Riddle with a running shot to the jaw to turn it around O’Reilly tagged in and unloaded on Riddle in the corner with strikes. Fans did dueling chants. Fish hit another quick tag while he kept the strikes going on Riddle in the corner.

The Undisputed Era with another double team out of the corner as O’Reilly covered for a two count. O’Reilly delivered more offense on Riddle to keep him down. Fish tagged in with a Senton for a two count. He rocked Riddle with knee strikes. Fish scooped Riddle and drove him into the mat for another two count. He hit a submission from behind while on the mat. Lee tried to rally fans for Riddle. Riddle powered up with Fish on his back, but Fish decked Riddle to break it. He got up and fought back with strikes. Riddle applied a Sleeper hold, but Fish fought him off.

O’Reilly tagged in, and this led to O’Reilly nailing a running boot in the corner on his own partner as the double team back-fired. Riddle hit heel strikes to O’Reilly while Fish was down on the outside. He dropped O’Reilly and crawled for a tag, but Fish kicked Lee from the apron to prevent it. O’Reilly went back to work on Riddle with a big kick to the face. Riddle fought off the champs with kicks and then double knees. They countered him with two big kicks at the same time. O’Reilly hit a big Brainbuster. Fish covered, but Lee broke the pin up. O’Reilly applied a Guillotine submission as Riddle resisted.

Fish rocked Lee on the apron, and it angered him. Riddle kicked Fish and avoided a double team, then tagged in Lee. Lee ran wild on both opponents while fans popped. He ran the ropes and nailed a double clothesline for another pop. Lee launched both opponents through the air at the same time. He delivered a double back-drop as well. O’Reilly took out Lee to save Fish, and Fish landed on Lee’s jaw. Lee still nailed a pop-up slam but missed a big moonsault from the top. O’Reilly applied a submission and a Triangle. Lee powered up with the hold still applied.

Lee was actually curling O’Reilly. He turned it into a powerbomb. Fish and Riddle tagged in at the same time. Riddle with strikes for both opponents. He nailed an Exploder suplex on Fish. Riddle launched O’Reilly with an Exploder. He continued unloading on both opponents with some of his signature moves. Riddle hit a big German on Fish. Further, NXT Champion Adam Cole and NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong run down. They hit the apron, but Riddle knocked them off.

Riddle kept control and knocked them to the floor again. He nailed a big twisting Asahi moonsault from the apron to the floor, taking the Undisputed Era. Fish and Riddle went at it in the ring. Riddle delivered a Ripcord knee. Lee hit a big Pounce to send Cole into Strong on the floor. So, this led to Fish and O’Reilly hitting the ring to nail Total Elimination on Riddle for the pin to win. After the match, The Undisputed Era stood tall and raised all of the NXT gold in the air. They attacked Lee and then Riddle.

However, the music hit, and Tommaso Ciampa came out to a big pop. Ciampa ran down the ramp with his crutch and dropped O’Reilly at ringside and then Strong. He entered the ring and continued swinging the crutch, taking down Fish. Cole and Ciampa stared each other down. Ciampa dropped O’Reilly as he charged. He unloaded on O’Reilly while Cole retreated. O’Reilly was left alone in the ring with Riddle, Lee, and Ciampa. The Blackheart sent O’Reilly into a Final Flash from Riddle. Lee grabbed O’Reilly and launched him from the ring, onto The Undisputed Era at ringside.

Thus, fans chanted “NXT!” as Ciampa spot the NXT Title belt lying on the mat. Fans chanted “Goldie!” as Cole yelled at Ciampa to keep his hands off the title. Ciampa left the title on the mat and told Goldie it would have to wait because “Daddy’s going to war!” Fans popped as Ciampa had apparently declared war on Cole for Takeover. Cole grabbed the belt and went back to join his teammates on the ramp. The two sides faced off from the stage, and the ring and NXT went off the air.


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