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NXT Results: NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits def. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Dawkins hit a big shoulder block on Lorcan and attempted an early pin. He took Lorcan to the mat and rolled Lorcan around a bit. Lorcan got to his feet, and Burch tagged himself in. Bruch applied Side headlock on Dawkins until he reversed it into one of his own. Dawkins leaped over Burch and hit flapjack. Lorcan came in, and they hit another flapjack, dropping Lorcan down on his partner. They take a moment to regroup out on the floor because it was a tough start for the challengers.

Dawkins offered his hand to Burch, but Burch kicked him in the midsection. Brunch again kicked to the midsection, hit front dropkick and kip-up while Lorcan came in. Further, he applied double side Russian leg sweep. Meanwhile, Lorcan hit a big chop, brought Burch back in and they kicked away at Dawkins, double suplex for two counts. Lorcan hit a crossface on Dawkins while Ford ended up coming in and breaking up the hold.

Ford yelled at Burch, who then swings away on Dawkins, full mount with ground and pound. Burch climbed to the second rope, looked for another dropkick, but Dawkins moved out of the way. Ford got the tag and hit multiple clotheslines on his opponents and Alabama slam on Lorcan. Also, he followed up with a belly-to-back suplex, kip-up, and standing moonsault for two counts. Dawkins came in with spinning splash in the corner while Ford did one himself – assisted slice bread number two for two counts.

Ford tagged in. He lifted Lorcan on his shoulders with Dawkins up top. Lorcan sent Ford crashing into his opponent. Burch came in and landed a dropkick on Ford. Lorcan hit a half-and-half suplex while Burch hit a knee and covered for two counts. Everyone was in the ring, and they were all taking each other out. All four superstars were down.

However, Lorcan and Ford faced off. Lorcan hit some big chops while Ford returned fire with kicks. He looked to dive into Lorcan and ended up leaping over him to take out Burch on the floor. Lorcan looked for a suicide dive, but Dawkins stopped that with a big punch. Dawkins dropped Burch with a spinebuster in the squared circle. Ford hit a big frog splash for the pin to win.

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