The reigning Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin came out making his TV debut for the main NXT brand. The NXT UK Superstar hit the ring and posed for tonight’s non-title match. Tyler Breeze was out next. Breeze did his pose on the apron but Devlin dropkicked him to the floor before the bell hit. So, the fans pop. The referee tried to keep Devlin back but he worked over Breeze on the floor some. Devlin returned to the ring and raised his title in the air but fans were booing him.

After the break, the match was underway. Devlin worked Breeze over while he’s down, taunting him some. He took it to the corner for more. Breeze countered in the opposite corner and connected with a big kick for a two count. He kept the offense going and dragged Devlin into the corner. Breeze slammed The Irish Ace’s leg into the ring post while fans were chanting “one more time!” He wrapped Devlin’s leg around the post again. Breeze returned to the ring and continued working on the leg or the knee in the corner.

Devlin turned it around and hit a big backbreaker in the middle of the ring, while selling the hurt knee. Breeze countered a shot and unloaded on Devlin with a bunch of offense while fans were cheering him on. He dropped a leg on Devlin for another pin attempt. Breeze kept Devlin grounded with strikes. He kept Devlin down while the referee checked on them. Devlin fought up and out and hit a big uppercut. Breeze countered and nailed a back-drop. Devlin got back up but Breeze sent him over the top rope to the floor.

Breeze followed and Devlin charged but Breeze sent him to the apron. Devlin hit a big kick to the chest from the apron. He climbed up and nailed a huge moonsault to the floor, taking Breeze back down. The referee counted and fans counted along. They made it back into the ring before the ten count. Devlin delivered stiff chops in the corner. He countered a shot and nailed a Uranage, then a standing moonsault in the middle of the ring. Devlin covered for a close two count.

More back and forth after the break. Breeze unloaded with kicks and sends Devlin down with a dropkick. He countered offense and blocked a back-drop, then dropped Devlin with another big clothesline for a close two count. Breeze hit more offense and another close two count. Devlin came back with a standing Spanish Fly out of nowhere for a close two count. He climbed up but Breeze put him back down. Breeze nailed the single-leg Crab. Devlin went for the ropes but Breeze dragged him back.

Breeze came back with a big superkick for a two count while fans went wild. Breeze hit a jumping knee but Devlin came back. Devlin hit a cutter for another close two count. Both competitors were showing frustration. They got up and traded strikes. Devlin yanked Breeze up by his arm from the mat, putting him back down by Devil Inside for the pin to win. After the match, Devlin stood tall with his title. He dismissed the referee and stood tall by himself.


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