Seth Rollins to the ring and took the mic while some fans booed him. Rollins asked what’s next for him. He said it’s been a rough week and to be honest, a rough couple of months. Rollins isn’t stupid, he can hear the fans. He knew some of you fans are excited about him losing the WWE Universal Title to “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. But he doesn’t give a damn. What concerns him is Wyatt taking the title to SmackDown – what concerns him is WWE Champion Brock Lesnar being back on RAW at the top – what concerns him is how his work to give guys opportunities is all a wash. It’s all gone now.

Rollins didn’t know if he has the energy for his whole reclaim and rebuild thing this time. So, what’s next for Seth Rollins? For the first time in a long time, he doesn’t know. The music interrupted and Triple H came out. Triple H entered the ring and they shook hands. Fans chanted “NXT!” while Triple H asked Rollins if he doesn’t know what’s next. Triple H said it’s funny how history repeats itself and when Seth doesn’t know what is next, their paths cross. He said it’s been like that a lot in the past. Triple H said maybe Rollins’ past is his future.

He went on about how Rollins has come to him several times in the past and that has led to him putting NXT on the map while being the foundation of it, leading to The Shield, leading to the WWE Title, and more. It’s that way over and over again. Rollins interrupted and asked if what Triple H did for him was Triple H’s benefit, or Rollins’ benefit. Triple H asked if it matters because Rollins walked away a champion each time. Fair point, Rollins said. Triple H said Rollins doesn’t know what’s next, but he does. Triple H brought NXT invading SmackDown on Friday.  He admits they fired the first shot when half of the roster was stuck overseas and it was smart.

Triple H said NXT made a statement that NXT is real and it’s here, that NXT at this moment is on fire. However, the whole world wants to know what NXT is going to do next, especially here on RAW. Triple H said he didn’t come alone but he’s here for a different reason. The Game wants to know what Seth Rollins is going to do next, because what he does next, will affect what Triple H does next. Triple H said Survivor Series is RAW vs. SmackDown vs. NXT for the first time ever. Plus, they’ve got something to prove. Maybe he doesn’t know what is next or if he has what it takes, but Triple H does.

The Game knew how to get Rollins there and always had. Triple H knows how to make Rollins great. He went on and said Rollins is either with him in this moment. Further, we saw The Undisputed Era came from the crowd and onto the apron without their titles. So, the fans chanted “NXT!” Triple H said Rollins is either with him, or against him. They stared Rollins down from the apron. The music interrupted and The OC – Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and WWE United States Champion AJ Styles came out. They marched to the ring and The Undisputed Era retreated to the crowd.

Suddenly, Dominik Dijakovic and Damian Priest attacked The OC at ringside. They beat them down while The Undisputed Era joined them. RAW Superstars ran down from the back and the NXT Superstars ran away through the crowd. Erick Rowan, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins and R-Truth all came out. Rollins looked on, alone in the ring. The OC recovered on the floor while the other RAW Superstars stood around them. Finally, Rollins exited the ring and marched up the ramp and to the back alone.


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