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Nikki Cross won the Six-Pack Challenge Match to become #1 contender for Bayley’s title

Lacey Evans, Carmella, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Nikki Cross, Dana Brooke competed in a six-pack challenge match. The winner will become the #1 contender to SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley for a title shot. The bell hit, and everyone started brawling. Deville and Rose double-teamed Carmella while Cross watched from the corner. The others were on the outside. They cleared and double-teamed Cross. Cross fought back while Sasha Banks & Bayley looked on.

Cross battled off the double-team again until Rose clotheslined her. Rose and Deville were alone in the ring, standing tall. They double-teamed Carmella on the floor, talking trash against the barrier and launching her. Brooke made the save and took them down. Evans levelled Brooke out of nowhere on the outside. Brooke rolled Cross in and stopped to wipe sweat from her forehead and turning her back.

Therefore, Cross took advantage and kicks Evans from the ring, dropping her back on the floor. Carmella ended up taking down Evans, Deville and Rose at the same time with a shot off the top of the barrier. Rose and Deville had control of Carmella after the break. Carmella fought them off while Banks and Bayley looked on. Cross made the save on a pin. She launched Carmela out of the ring, taking Rose and Deville down on the floor.

Dana fought Rose and Deville on the floor. Cross leapt from the top, taking down all three of them on the floor. Evans launched Cross into the steel steps. She brought Dana back into the ring and drove boots to her face for a two count. Dana ended up catching Evans with a sitdown powerbomb. She climbed to the top and nailed a big senton, but Carmella and Rose broke the pin up.

However, Rose and Carmella went at it after slapping each other. Carmella ended up getting the Code of Silence submission on Rose, but Deville made the save. Dana and Deville went at it. Evans dropped Deville with the Woman’s Right. Cross nailed a spinning neckbreaker on Rose out of nowhere for the pin. After the match, WWE’s twisted sister celebrated Bayley stood up at ringside. Cross was on the ropes while staring Bayley down and talking trash.

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