Sami Zayn came to the ring and took the mic. He said it looks like King Baron Corbin isn’t coming out because he’s afraid of Sami and Nakamura. Zayn went on about people being afraid and said you can’t call him annoying. In fact, if there was one word to use to describe him, it would be stud. Zayn said for the big stud he is, Nakamura is even studlier.  The Critic of Critics went on praising Nakamura and said he’s got him a present for being so studly the past few months. Zayn revealed what’s in his bag, and it was a new WWE Intercontinental Title belt. He took the old title and presented Nakamura with the new one. The new belt was much different from the classic look. You can see the redesigned title on our Facebook page.

Zayn went on about how this guarantees Nakamura will win over NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong and WWE United States Champion AJ Styles at Survivor Series on Sunday. So, the music interrupted, and The Undisputed Era came out. They hit the ring while fans started chanting “Undisputed!” Zayn tried to get Nakamura to leave the ring, and he did, but he took his time. Cole introduced his team. He said they are going to wipe the floor with Team RAW and Team SmackDown on Sunday after winning WarGames on Saturday. However, the music interrupted, and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day came out. They had words and offered to settle what was started last week.

The Undisputed Era wondered if this will be a Handicap Match, but it won’t. Big E introduced Heavy Machinery, and Tucker and Otis came out for the match.  The two sides faced off, and Big E went at it with Roderick Strong. Kyle O’Reilly tried to distract from the apron, and Big E got beat down in the corner. O’Reilly and Bobby Fish kept Big E down with quick tags. Big E ended up unloading on Fish and O’Reilly with big throws. He kept control and took out Strong and O’Reilly on the floor. Cole came in and attacked Kofi, but Kofi fought him off. Kofi and Cole traded strikes in the middle of the ring now. Cole hit a knee to the gut and Strong tagged in. Kofi superkicked Cole to the mat.

Strong came from behind with a big backbreaker on Kofi. He stomped away on Kofi while he was down. Strong and O’Reilly double-teamed Kofi in the corner. Fish tagged in, and they double suplex Kofi for a two count. He went to work on Kofi against the ropes. Fish launched himself in from the apron, splashing Kofi for another two count. Cole tagged in and unloaded on Kofi in the corner. He hit a neckbreaker. Cole dragged Kofi into the corner and held him down while Strong came in and decked him. Strong applied a back and neck submission in the middle of the ring. But Kofi fought out and rolled Strong for a two count.

Strong dropped Kofi with a basement dropkick. He brought Kofi back to their corner, and O’Reilly tagged in to work him over. O’Reilly drove knees to keep Kofi down. Strong tagged back in and took Kofi to the mat. They tangled, but Strong kept control. Kofi fought up and out, kicking Strong with a kick to the face. He climbed to the top, but Strong cut him off. Strong climbed up for a superplex, but Kofi knocked him to the mat. Kofi went to leap, but Strong dropkicked him off the top, onto Tucker on the floor. So, this led to Big E and Otis having words at ringside. There was also some shoving. Tucker tried to separate Big E and Otis.

After the break, Fish had Kofi down on the mat. He delivered a cheap shot to Big E. Kofi came off the top with a big missile dropkick while fans rallied for The Dreadlocked Dynamo. Otis ran in as did Strong and O’Reilly. He ran them over and decked Cole on the apron. Otis ran wild on everyone and pancaked Strong into the mat. O’Reilly went for Otis, but Otis ate the big kick. He delivered more strikes, but Otis hit a headbutt on him. Otis launched him across the ring and splashed Cole and O’Reilly in the corner. They both fell, and Otis got a pop for what he sees ahead. Otis called for the Caterpillar, but O’Reilly pulled Cole to safety.

Therefore, Tucker slammed O’Reilly for a close two count. Strong and Tucker went at it. Tucker countered and hit a big splash in the corner. He hit a side-slam on Strong for another close two count. Tucker climbed to the top and actually hit a huge moonsault, but Cole broke up the pin on Strong. Everyone got involved as chaos broke out. Fish and O’Reilly took out Big E on one side of the floor. Kofi ran over, and they took out him with the double team. Tucker leveled Cole in the ring and sent Strong to the floor. Otis caught O’Reilly in mid-air and slammed him in the ring. He hit the Caterpillar on O’Reilly. Fish kicked Otis while Cole superkicked Tucker. Strong hit a running knee to Tucker for the pin to win in the middle of the chaos.

Result: Undisputed Era def. New Day & Heavy Machinery

After the match, The Undisputed Era stood tall and raised the NXT titles in the air. They continued their celebration. Strong exited the ring and met Sami Zayn and WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura on the stage. Suddenly, WWE United States Champion AJ Styles flew over and decked them both. Thus, Styles, Strong, and Nakamura brawled on the stage and the ramp. Zayn hit steel chair shots to Strong and Styles, knocking AJ over to the side of the stage. The Undisputed Era ran up to make the save while Sami and Shinsuke retreated to the back.


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