Naomi made her way out to the ring for tonight’s #1 contender’s match. Carmella came out next as Greg Hamilton did the introductions. The Princess got pyro on her way to the ring while Cole showed us events that led to this match. They did a handshake in the middle of the ring but Naomi took Carmella down to the mat immediately, grounding her with a headlock. Carmella fought free and they got back to their feet. Naomi ran the ropes and dropped Carmella with a back elbow through the air.

Carmella showed off and taunted some before they locked back up with Bayley watching closely. Naomi hit a backslide for a two count. She countered out of the corner and hit a running low clothesline for a two count. They tangled on the mat traded pin attempts with counters. Carmella came back and sent Naomi flying with the head scissors. She tossed Naomi out to the floor. Carmella ran for a suicide dive but Naomi met her at the ropes with a kick to the face. Naomi fought back in and hit a crossbody for a close two count.

She went to the second rope but Bayley distracted from the apron. However, Carmella took advantage and slammed Naomi to the mat for another close pin attempt. Naomi went to the floor for a breather. Bayley trash talked Naomi in her face while fans were booing her. The referee ejected Bayley to the back. Bayley threw a fit at ringside as the boos continued. Carmella took advantage of the distraction at ringside, running the ropes to nail a dive on Naomi. She stood over Naomi on the outside.

After the break, Naomi drove Carmella over her knee for a two count. They traded strikes but Naomi unloaded with kicks. Carmella countered and leveled her for another pin attempt. She talked some trash in Naomi’s face while they’re on their knees. They traded strikes. Naomi got the upperhand but Carmella countered and leveled Naomi for another close two count. More back and forth until Naomi hit a jawbreaker and a big springboard kick that barely connected.

Carmella went to the floor to regroup but Naomi launched herself over the top rope with a corkscrew plancha, taking Carmella back down on the floor. Naomi brought it back in the ring for a close two count. Carmella dodged a move in the corner and Naomi hit the turnbuckles. She hit a crossbody from the top for a close two count. Carmella kept fighting and went for a suplex in from the apron but Naomi resisted her. Naomi kicked from the apron. She launches herself in and with a sunset flip for a two count.

Carmella tried to escape to regroup. She rolled Naomi for another two count. Carmella locked in the Code of Silence submission out of nowhere while fans were cheering them on. Finally, Naomi got the bottom rope to break the hold. Carmella ducked a kick. Naomi caught a kick. They went on and Naomi dropped Carmella with a Rear View for a close two count. Naomi dragged Carmella to the corner but missed the split-legged moonsault. Carmella kicked Naomi in the face for another two count.

Thus, Carmella showed some frustration. Naomi hit a big knee to the jaw in the corner. She came off the top and nailed a Blockbuster. Naomi went for the split-legged moonsault again. This time hit it for the pin to win and earn the title shot in Saudi Arabia. After the match, Naomi began celebrating. Cole confirmed Naomi vs. Bayley for Super ShowDown. Naomi and Carmella had a show of respect before Naomi went back to celebrating.


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