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Mustafa Ali & Shorty G collided with Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode in a high-stake bout

Mustafa Ali and Shorty G came out while Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode were waiting. If Roode and Ziggler win this match, they will earn G and Ali’s Team SmackDown spots. G and Roode went at it to start. Roode took G down while King Corbin laughed at ringside. The dog mascot was watching with Corbin. G fought back and took Roode down for a pop. Ziggler came back in and mounted offense on G for a two count. G blocked a neckbreaker, and arm dragged Ziggler. Ali tagged in and immediately dropped Ziggler.

Ali worked on the arm and stopped Ziggler from tagging. Ziggler kicked Ali in the gut. He kept fighting, but Ali cut him off. Ali ended up rocking Ziggler in the corner. He hit a headscissors takedown. Ali went on with a Facebuster for a two count while Corbin was watching, getting worried. Roode got the tag and went right to work on Ali. Ziggler got a cheap shot in on Ali from the floor while the referee was distracted. Roode took Ali to the corner and beat him down again.

Ali ended up getting knocked off the apron onto the announce table, ribs-first. Corbin and the mascot dog laughed about the interference from ringside. Reigns’ music hit, and the real Roman came out. He marched right to him at the announce table, Corbin got ready for a fight but then retreated. Reigns was cheering on G and Ali from ringside. Corbin was on the other side of the ring. While in the ring, Ali looked to put Roode and Ziggler away, but Ziggler came in and hit a Fame-Asser on Ali.

Ziggler rocked G off the apron with a cheap shot and went to pin Ali, but he kicks out at two. He cranked up for a superkick, but Ali jumped up and hit his superkick first. Fans pop big for Ali, but they both went down. Roode and G both got hot tags. G unloaded on Roode and then Ziggler when he ran in. He hit a cannonball to Roode in the corner. G hit a spinning neckbreaker to Roode as he got fired up while Reigns looked on. He climbed up top and hit a big moonsault on Roode for a close two count.

G shoved Roode in the corner, but Ziggler tagged in. They hit the big Zig Zag double team for a close two count. Corbin showed frustration at ringside. Ali looks to run in as he kicks Roode in the head from the apron, but Ziggler superkicks him off the apron to the floor. G catches Ziggler in an ankle lock. Ziggler resists, but G gets it applied. Roode runs in and breaks the hold up. Corbin looked to assist Roode, but Reigns hit a Drive-By on Corbin. Roode slammed Reigns face-first into the announce table.

Ali flew out with a dive and sent Roode over the table. Reigns followed up with a big Spear to Corbin at ringside. However, Ziggler took advantage of the chaos and rolled G up for a two count. G ended up nailing a big German, and Ali followed up with a 450 from the top. Ali kept the pin for the win. After the match, Ali and G stood tall and kept their Survivor Series spots. Reigns came in the ring to celebrate with them.

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