SmackDown Live kicked off with the MIZ TV segment. Miz wasn’t happy because he’s being forced to follow the script. He welcomed everyone to the show. Miz introduces Drew Mclntyre with a grand introduction. Also, he introduced Elias and Shane McMahon. The Best in the World forced him to host this segment. Moreover, WWE World Cup trophy was on display at ringside.  Hamilton gave Shane a proper introduction. Also, Elias played a tuned for Shane.

Shane O Mac said fans think MIZ TV sucks. Further, he bragged about beating Roman Reigns at WWE Super ShowDown. He told Reigns should not be ashamed because he lost to the Best in the World. However, A-Lister fired back about how all Shane’s triumphs are tainted. Miz brought up some of Shane’s recent matches and his match with The Big Dog. While Shane mocked Miz and told him to do his job & start the interview.

Miz showed a post-Super ShowDown footage Roman Reigns interview by Saxton backstage. Reigns discussed how he would kick ass and takes names, starting with Drew at WWE Stomping Grounds. McIntyre took the mic and addressed the match with Reigns at Stomping Grounds. The Scottish Psychopath said he enjoys hurting people. Moreover, he has a weapon that no one else does around here – the Claymore Kick.

McIntyre said he’s going to kick The Big Dog’s head off at Stomping Grounds. Shane McMahon took a shot at Miz’s dad. A-Lister stood up, but McIntyre got in his face. The Best in the World proposed another fight with Miz. Miz must defeat Elias first. Secondly, Miz must defeat McIntyre. On the off chance, Miz gets through that, and then Shane will give Miz his dream match again. Shane O Mac called for a referee to come to the squared circle.


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