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Mia Yim confronted Io Shairi in a Women’s WarGames advantage Ladder Match

Mia Yim came out for tonight’s Ladder Match main event. The winner will earn the order of entry advantage for her WarGames team. Io Shirai was out next while we saw an NXT briefcase hanging high above the ring. The bell hit, and they went at it. Shirai dropped Yim and went to get the ladder, but Yim stopped her. She sent Yim out to the floor and then nailed a suicide dive. Shirai grabbed the ladder at ringside and Yim decked her, and then sent her into the apron. Yim brought the ladder into the ring, but Shirai drove it into her face. She pulled Shirai to the floor and slammed her face-first onto a ladder that is on the floor.

Yim returned to the ring and grabbed the other ladder, but Shirai attacked from behind and tossed her to the floor. She stopped Shirai from standing the ladder up. Yim used the tug-of-war to drive Shirai into the middle rope. The ladder was bridged from the apron to the barrier. Shirai ducked a shot into the ladder and kicked it into Yim’s face. She laughed as she returned to the ring. Yim used the ladder on Shirai’s hand, and she sells the injury while a referee checked on her. She returned to the ring and kicked Shirai in the face, sending her out of the ring.

Shirai pulled Yim to the floor on her face. She charged with a ladder, but Yim moved. Yim delivered chops to Shirai. Shirai fought back and sent Yim into the barrier. She beat Yim down on the floor and kicked her back. Shirai went for the ladder from the floor, but Yim stopped her once again. Yim returned to the ring and grabbed a ladder, but Shirai stopped her. They struggled for the ladder again. Yim twisted Shirai to the mat. Shirai blocked a suplex attempt. Yim kept fighting and also blocked a suplex. They kept fighting until Yim dropped Shirai on top the ladder with a suplex.

Further, Shirai unloaded with strikes in the middle of the ring. She dropped Yim with an uppercut while a ladder was leaning in the corner. Shirai kept control and dropped Yim with a big Flapjack in the middle of the ring. She went for the ladder, but Yim stopped her. Shirai charged but Yim launched her onto the ladder in the corner with a big belly-to-belly suplex out of nowhere. So, the fans cheered and officials checked on Shirai. Yim stood the ladder up in the middle of the ring. She started to climb, but Shirai grabbed her leg. Yim kicked away and came off the ladder to deliver kicks. She went for the arm, but Shirai shoved her into the ladder, and it fell over.

Shirai grabbed the ladder and placed Yim in between the rungs, slamming the top rung into her back. She went under the ring for a ladder that worked. Fans popped as she brought it into the ring. Shirai stopped on Yim and kicked the broken ladder out of the ring. She stood the ladder up, but Yim dropped her. Yim went for the ladder, but Shirai springboarded in with a missile dropkick, sending the ladder into her face. Yim was bleeding heavily, busted open. The referees put gloves on and checked Yim out. Shirai tried to stand the ladder up with one good hand. She went to climb while Yim was being tended to.

Officials checked on Shirai, but she climbed. Yim came up out of nowhere and knocked Shirai off. She climbed, but Shirai brought her back to the mat with a big German from the ladder. Shirai snapped and knocked the ladder over. She hit running double knees into the corner to Yim’s face. Thus, the crowd chanted for Yim as she fought back and knocked Shirai from the top. Yim climbed up for a superplex, but Shirai hit headbutts, sending her out to the floor. However, Dakota Kai came walking down to check on Yim at ringside. Kai helped Yim up, but Shirai flew out with a moonsault, taking them both down.

Shirai returned to the ring and positioned the ladder under the briefcase. She climbed, but Kai came in and stopped her, slamming her to the mat. Kai went back out and brought Yim in the ring, telling her to climb. So, fans chanted for Yim. NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray ran down and sent Kai into the steel steps. She entered the ring and pushed the ladder over, causing Yim to take a nasty fall at ringside. Ray helped Shirai up the ladder and stood guard as she retrieved the briefcase for the win and WarGames advantage.

Result: Io Shirai def. Mia Yim

After the match, Shirai stood tall up on the ladder with the briefcase as her music hit. Ray stood guard. Officials tend to Yim at ringside. We saw how Yim crashed through the other ladder at ringside. Now, Team Baszler has the advantage at WarGames.

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