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Matt Riddle defeated Roderick Strong – NXT TakeOver: XXV Results

Roderick Strong of The Undisputed Era confronted Matt Riddle at NXT TakeOver: XXV.  They started the match and traded big moves to get things going. Strong ended up hitting a big backbreaker from the ring. They brought it back in, and Strong kept control. Strong sent Riddle back out and brought him in for two counts. Roderick delivered a big chop. They traded strikes. Strong blocked and nailed another backbreaker for two counts. He bent Riddle around the ring post.

Strong delivered another chop before throwing Riddle back in the ring. Riddle battled from his knees, but Strong kept decking him. The Original Bro took Strong down into a close two counts. Strong came back and hit an Olympic Slam for another pin attempt. Fans did dueling chants as Strong went for another backbreaker, but Matt countered. Riddle dropped him on his head with a Suplex. The King of Bros unloaded with strikes and a kick to drop Strong. Riddle connected Strong with a jumping forearm and a kick. He kept the offense going and nailed an Exploder Suplex.

Riddle landed on his feet after missing a standing Moonsault. But he hit a Senton and continued for a kick and secured two counts. Riddle unloaded with kicks while Strong is on his knees. The last kick knocked Roderick back to the mat. Strong ducked a running kick. Riddle countered a move, but Strong kneed him. He caught Strong with a GTS and a German Suplex, securing two counts. The Messiha of Backbreaker connected Riddle with a big kick while he’s sitting up top. Strong climbed up and hit a Superplex, but Riddle still kicked out. The two superstars traded strikes in the center of the squared circle.

Strong ducked a kick and nailed a forearm. Riddle countered and went for a Powerbomb but Strong slide out. Strong delivered a kick and an Enziguri followed by a jumping knee, but Riddle was still up. The Undisputed Era’s member spiked Riddle into the mat for another close two counts. However, Strong couldn’t believe it. Strong tried for a submission, but Riddle kicked him out of the ring. He ran right back in and missed a knee. Riddle dropped Strong with a kick and power bombed him.

Riddle climbed the top rope but landed on Strong’s knees. He delivered the Powerbomb for another close pin attempt. Strong went right into a Boston Crab. Riddle battled but Strong re-positions and put his knee in Riddle’s back. The Original Bro fought out with kicks. Strong dropped down, but Riddle hit him with elbows. Riddle went into the Bro-mission. Strong struggled, but Riddle kept the elbows coming. The Messiha of Backbreaker battled to his feet, but Riddle hit more elbows. Riddle went on and hit the Bro-stroyer Tombstone Piledriver for the pin to win.

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