Cathy Kelley was backstage with Sami Zayn. Cathy asked Sami about what has happened so far tonight. Zayn said it had been a pretty weird tonight. He saw a pattern – maybe WWE NXT is here tonight. Zayn said NXT needs to watch where they put their noses tonight and if one of them steps to him. It’ll be pretty bad news for…  Matt Riddle and Keith Lee appeared. He kissed up to them and said he’s a big fan.

Zayn went on about how he’s been down with NXT since day one. He showed them he’s wearing an NXT t-shirt but left it in his car. Zayn said he’s going to get it from his car. They offered to go with him, but he was in a hurry to get away from them. NXT Superstars followed him and offered to help find the shirt. Suddenly, Zayn took off running, and they chased after him. He came running down the ramp and tried to hop the barrier, but Riddle stopped him.

Riddle and Lee had him in the ring while Zayn pleaded with them. Fans chanted “Bro!” and “NXT!” as Riddle kicked his flip-flops off. Zayn swung at Riddle, but he ducked and rocked him. Riddle hit the Bro-Derek in the middle of the ring for a big pop. Further, Lee went to the top and nailed a big moonsault on Zayn. Riddle and Lee posed in the ring and celebrated.


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