Today, Matt Hardy took to Twitter to discuss what happened the night before. Despite the beating he received, Hardy remained proud and confident in himself. He seemed somewhat bitter about the way the past few years have gone. However, the Woken One is also eager to see what’s next in store.

Matt Hardy once again confronted Randy Orton on RAW what he’d done to Edge. The Viper unleashed an assaulted on Hardy last week, which ended with the Woken One getting put in a neckbrace. Orton was supposed to take on Hardy in a street fight on RAW but Hardy wasn’t cleared for competition.

The show kicked off with Orton admitting he respected Hardy for everything he’d done for the business and everything he’d accomplished. However, The Apex Hunter still found it in himself to mercilessly destroy Hardy. Hardy came out to confront Orton again while he went on to his reasoning for attacking Edge. He was fearless when he went to the ring, something that Orton absolutely respected.

Orton apologized and went to leave the arena but those voices convinced him to go back to the ring and finish the job. Hardy was an unconscious husk after receiving two conchairtos on the steps. He seems to be seeing things clearly throughout the multiple injuries he’d received over the past few weeks.


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