Gibson and Andrews started the match. Gibson delivered a wristlock takedown. He tried pinning Andrews’ shoulders to the mat, but Andrews bridged up. Andrews hit Sunset flip, but Gibson rolled through. Gibson blocked Arm-drag attempt and applied a hammerlock. Drake tagged in. Andrews sent him flying with an arm-drag, followed by a kick to the gut. Webster tagged in. He held Drake allowing Andrews to hit a basement dropkick.

Wolfgang made a blind tag on Andrews and unleashed jabs on Drake. Gibson pulled his partner out of the ring so they can regroup. Drake tagged in Webster so he can take a breather. Webster nailed a dropkick. He went for a cover. Gibson and Drake broke the pin, and all six men were in the ring. However, the referee managed to calm everyone down before a brawl ensued. Coffey and Webster went at it. Gibson made a blind tag, but Webster sent him to the outside with a springboard dropkick.

Andrews hit a running pump kick to Wolfgang off the apron. Webster took out Gallus with a Frankenstein while Andrews hit a springboard moonsault. Drake and Gibson took control, with Drake hitting a dropkick off of Gibson’s back onto Webster. The Grizzled Young Veterans double-teamed backbreaker. Gibson Power slammed to Webster. He slowed the action down with a cobra-clutch.

Drake tagged in and unloaded a stiff forearm knocking Webster to the mat. Webster created separation with a jawbreaker onto Drake. Finally, Coffey tagged in briefly. But Gibson tagged right back in and continued to keep Webster cornered. He broke free and got to Andrews who unloaded with shots. He nailed Gibson and then hit a tornado DDT onto Drake. Gallus came in, but Andrews hit a double-backflip kick sent them to the outside. Webster and Andrews were alone in the ring.

They double toped con Hilo to Gallus and Grizzled Young Veterans. Andrews nailed Gibson while Drake hit a top rope senton. Coffey slammed Andrews and hit double-ax handles on Webster. Gallus double-teamed for slingshot Samoan drop. Wolfgang covered for a two count. Webster saved Andrews with a flying crossbody and running/poison Frankenstein by Andrews and Webster. So, NXT chants broke out. Andrews climbed for the shooting star, but Gibson pulled out his leg.

Coffey climbed to meet Andrews. He went for a superplex, but Andrews blocked it. Andrews shoved Coffey to the outside. Thus, the fans erupted. Andrews and Gibson were alone in the ring, lariat by Gibson. He went for a suplex, but Andrews turned it to a stunner! Webster hit a Swanton out of nowhere for cover. Somehow, Gibson kicked out. Drake pulled Webster out while Gibson rolled him up. Drake came with a dropkick. The Veterans double teamed for Helter Skelter, but Andrews kicked out.

Gibson and Drake were in disbelief. They went for another tandem offense, but Webster and Andrews take them out with a double-headbutt. Both teams were down. Gallus recovered. Wolfgang hit a flying senton. Coffey delivered a Chokeslam. Gallus stood alone in the ring. Wolfgang launched Coffey onto the lot on the outside. Gallus was alone with Andrews. We saw an Enziguri & powerslam combo. Webster tried to break up the pin.

All three teams were in the ring, and everyone was going at it. Drake and Gibson got sent back to the outside. Webster hit Coffey with a Canadian destroyer. Grizzled Young Veterans took out Wolfgang with a doomsday device suicide dive. Thus, the crowd shouted “This is awesome.” Gallus was out. Andrews and Gibson recovered in the squared circle. They told the champs to bring it. They collided, and Andrews hit a double-stunner. Webster to the top for 720 to cover but Gibson pulled out the referee. Finally, Andrews hit a shooting star while Webster covered to become new champions.


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