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Mansoor claimed another big win against Dolph Ziggler in his home country

The Saudi Arabian Superstar earned his third straight win in his home country at WWE Super ShowDown.

Dolph Ziggler came out first with Robert Roode. The intentional glitches with lights and circles flashed across the screen. Roode and Ziggler headed down the ramp. The hometown star Mansoor of WWE NXT was out next. He came out to a big pop and more fireworks. Roode talked trash in Mansoor’s face before the bell and knocked him back into the corner. Mansoor ducked a clothesline and dropkicked Roode. The referee ejected Roode to the back and he was not happy.

The bell rang and they locked up and went to the corner. Ziggler backed off but kicked Mansoor in the gut. He took Mansoor down and grounded him. Ziggler mounted more offenses and showed off some. They locked up again, going back and forth. Mansoor grounded Ziggler in the middle of the ring. Ziggler fought up and out but Mansoor dropped him with a shoulder. Mansoor yelled at Ziggler and got aggressive some. They tangled and Mansoor hit a standing moonsault for a close two count in the middle of the ring.

Ziggler fought free and hit a dropkick in the middle of the ring. He raked Mansoor’s face across the top rope. Ziggler took Mansoor back down and drop an elbow. He kept Mansoor grounded in the middle of the ring. Ziggler kept control and raked the eyes once again. He showed off more and talked trash, taking Mansoor back to the mat face-first. Mansoor fought up and out with strikes but Ziggler kicked the knee out. Ziggler hit a neckbreaker. Ziggler put one boot on Mansoor and posed for an arrogant pin attempt. He cut Mansoor off and slammed him face-first for another two count.

Ziggler played to the crowd and talked trash to the hometown star. Mansoor hit a back elbow in the corner and a kick. He dodged the Fame-asser. Ziggler sent him to the apron but he fought back in. Mansoor launched himself over the top rope with a unique neckbreaker. He kept the offense coming for another close two count. Mansoor climbed to the top but Ziggler knocked him off.

Ziggler hit a big Zig Zag for a close two count in the middle of the ring. He couldn’t believe it. Ziggler cranked up for Sweet Chin Music. Mansoor dodged it and they tangled some. Ziggler rolled Mansoor for a close two count. He missed a big splash in the corner. Mansoor countered in the corner and dropped Ziggler with an inverted Sliced Bread into a big DDT for a pop. He climbed back to the top and hit a moonsault with the knees catching Ziggler in the ribs. Fans popped as Mansoor covered for the pin to win.

Result: Mansoor def. Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Mansoor stood tall and went to the corner to pose for his hometown crowd. Byron was in the ring to interview Mansoor. Mansoor took the mic and spoke some in Arabic. He thanked everyone and said their voices carried him tonight – they picked him up and gave him hope when he had nothing left.

Mansoor said last year Saudi Arabia proved to him that they were ready for their first WWE Superstar and tonight, Saudi Arabia proved to WWE that they are here to stay. So, fans chanted “you deserve it!” Mansoor spoke some more in Arabic to end the promo, all smiles and his music started back up. He hit the ropes to pose for the hometown crowd some more. Mansoor headed up the ramp and stopped to play to the crowd one more time.



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