The Golden Goddess came out with her partner Sonya Deville. Mandy Rose took the mic to rip on her opponent, calling her ugly. She had proof. We saw side-by-side shots of Rose and Nikki Cross on the big screen. Rose laughed and kept talking trash until the music hit. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Alexa Bliss came out. She waited for her partner. Cross’ music hit and WWE’s Twisted Sister came out, running down to the ring. Cross immediately attacked Rose and unloaded.

The bell rang while Cross continued pounding away. This went on for a few minutes until they settle down. Rose turned it around and hit a fall-away slam for a two count in the middle of the ring. She stomped away in the corner while the referee warned her. Rose hit more offense while Deville cheered her on. She took Cross down and grounded her again, talking trash. Cross ended up turning it around, slamming Rose face-first in the corner. She mounted offense and hit a bulldog.

Cross kept control and climbed to the top. Deville hit the apron, but The Goddess pulled her off. Cross ended up missing a crossbody, but Rose missed a big knee. WWE’s Twisted Sister rolled Rose up to get the win. Cross and Bliss took their titles after the match and hit the ramp while Cross’ music hit. Rose and Deville looked on from the squared circle. Fire & Desire will challenge Bliss & Cross for WWE Women’s Tag Team titles at WWE Clash of Champions 2019.


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