WWE is often called the Land of Giants. From Sumo wrestlers to the Eighth Wonder of the World, these are the five superstars who proved it. Here are the largest superstars to compete in the WWE ring.


Yokozuna was simply dominant. He debuted on the Halloween episode of WWE Superstars in 1992, giving the vibe of the destructive monster for the land of the rising sun. Tipping the scales at 589 pounds, the WWE Hall of Famer dominated the 1993 Royal Rumble, eliminating seven superstars en route to capturing the WWE title at WrestleMania IX. Despite losing the championship immediately after the match, he scored a rare win over Hulk Hogan at the King of the Ring 1993 to become a two-time champ.

Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant was one of the most influential superstars ever to lace up the boots. And that’s how he became the Eighth Wonder of the World. He was an attraction to be seen as the Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal. Thanks to his seven foot four, 520-pound stature, Andre went undefeated for 15 years in WWE. He clearly warranted entry into to WWE Hall of Fame. So, WWE created a Hall of Fame to enshrine him.

Big Show

WWE dubbed Big Show as the World’s Largest Athlete, but at WrestleMania 21, he was actually outsized when he took on Akebono. After pre-match weigh-in, Big Show clocked in at an impressive 493 pounds, but his jaw hit the match when the sumo champion weighed in at 504. Big Show lost any home-field advantage of the 21st Show of the Shows when the Goliaths collided in the sumo match. Neither giant could get the upperhand. But when Big Show lifted Akebono, the sumo champion used the momentum to bounce Big Show from the ring for the win.

Haystacks Calhoun

Haystacks Calhoun was, indeed, a sight to behold. The 601 pounder from Arkansas crushed his opposition during the 1970s. He literally finished his foes off with a splash. Calhoun was a legacy inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017. Mabel entered the scene as part of the large and in charge team known as Men on a Mission. But by 1995 the 568-pound behemoth, set his sights on the glory of a single. At the King of the Ring, Mabel upset The Undertaker in the first round before dominating Savio Vega in the finals to win the prestigious crown. Later, Mable would transform into Viscera as part of The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness.  He became the group’s terrifying enforcer.


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