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Lana dropped a bombshell | Bobby Lashley attacked Rusev

Lana and Bobby Lashley were backstage arguing. Lana came out while the boos were already starting up. She entered the ring, all smiles. Lana said she is out to confess her sins while fans kept booing her. She told her hot, perfect boyfriend did not want her coming out doing this. She explained to Bobby that she had to come out and give the truth to the fans. Lana said sometimes the truth is all she has. She went on and admitted she cheated on Rusev. So, the boos picked up, and she told fans not to.

She felt like fans are judging her, and she doesn’t like it. Rusev cheated first, and she’s not going just to be some door mat. She’s not going to be petty here. Lana said she had sex with Lashley for the first time seven weeks ago. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sex. It continued to blow her mind each and every single day. Lana said she was monogamous with Rusev, and then monogamous only with Lashley because she believes in monogamy.

Fans were booing and chanting while Lana was going on about how fans have treated her. Lana went on about how she went to the doctor after last week’s incident at ringside. Plus, the doctor said she is a perfectly healthy woman… who is nine weeks pregnant. Also, she went on for the slow people in Manchester and breaks it down… her soon to be ex-husband Rusev put a little Machka bastard in her. She called him a Bulgarian son of a bitch. So, fans continued booing Lana big time.

Finally, Rusev came out as fans chanted, “Daddy’s home!” Rusev wasn’t buying it, but Lana got upset that he thinks she was lying. Lana called him a sex addict and said all he ever wanted to do was have sex. Plus, she can feel the little Machka growing inside of her. They started arguing after Lana yelled. She slapped him a few times. Lashley’s music hit as Lana jumped on Rusev’s back and attacked him.

However, this allowed Lashley to get the upperhand on Rusev after hitting the ring. Lashley destroyed Rusev while Lana looks on, laughing and smiling. He and Lana head to the back together while Rusev recovered in the ring. Lana said she couldn’t believe Rusev really believed she was pregnant because she faked it. Lashley and Lana started kissing on the entranceway while Rusev was watching. They headed to the back together, waving at Rusev.

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