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Kushida seek payback from NXT Champion Adam Cole


NXT Champion Adam Cole came out for tonight’s non-title main event. Kushida was out next, looking for revenge after The Undisputed Era dumped him into a trash can last week. The bell rang and they locked up. Cole took it to the ropes and slowly broke but Kushida went on the offensive, taking Cole down and grounding him. They tangled some and Cole rolled to the floor. Kushida hit a dropkick through the ropes to send Cole back down. Cole turned it around on the outside and whipped Kushida into the barrier.

Kushida ended up pulling Cole into an armbar on the floor while the referee counted. He brought it back in and came off the top to deck Cole. Kushida worked on the arm some more, sending Cole back down. He hit a big kick while Cole was on his knees. Kushida focused on the arm and another kick to keep Cole down. Cole blocked the same arm move and ended up on the apron. Kushida knocked Cole from the apron to the floor with a handspring. Cole countered but missed and then leveled Kushida, dropping him on the floor. He clutched his arm while Kushida was down on the floor.

After the break, Kushida ran over Cole with elbows in the ring. Kushida nailed a big handspring back elbow off the ropes. He hit a big dropkick while fans were chanting his name. Cole fought back and went to the top again. Kushida hit another handspring, this time into double knees while Cole was up top. He went to the top but Cole fought him down. Kushida ran back up but he nailed a big diving DDT into a cross armbreaker from the top. So, fans popped big for the move. Cole went right to the rope to break the hold.

They’re both down while the referee was checking on them and fans rally. Kushida charged and focused on Cole’s hurt left arm again. They tangled and Kushida avoided a kick, and then hit one of his own. Cole dodged the Hoverboard Lock and then nailed a Shining Wizard for a close two count. They went on and traded big strikes in the middle of the ring. Kushida hit kicks. Cole rocked Kushida but ran into a forearm. He hit a bicycle kick. Kushida delivered more offense. Cole came back with the Ushigoroshi. He drove Kushida down again but Kushida kicked out at two.

Cole missed the Last Shot. He blocked the Okada Roll with a big kick for another close two count. More back and forth as fans rallied for both. Cole climbed up for a Panama Sunrise but Kushida countered and caught him with the Hoverboard Lock. He looked to break the hold but Kushida re-positioned and tightened up. Cole resisted while the referee was checking on him. More back and forth with pin attempts. Finally, they got up and Kushida kicks Cole back into the ropes, and then the Kawada Kicks to the head.

Kushida ended up going for one more handspring attack but Cole leveled him with a kick for another close two count. Cole came right back with the Last Shot for the pin to win. After the match, Cole took his title and stood tall. Cole had his arm raised and posed with the NXT Title. Mauro marked the 256th day of this title reign. However, the music interrupted and Tommaso Ciampa came out. Cole stared Ciampa down from the ring. The Blackheart slowly marched down the ramp. Ciampa took his time but finally entered the ring while Cole was looking on.

The music stopped and some fans were chanting for Cole. Fans chanted “Psycho Killer” louder for Ciampa. Ciampa circled Cole and stared at the title on his shoulder. They faced off in the middle of the ring with Cole holding the title next to their heads. Ciampa said he will take his life back at “Takeover: Portland” on Sunday. Cole said that will happen, over his dead body. The “Takeover: Portland” go-home edition of NXT went off the air with challenger and champion facing off in the middle of the ring.



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