NXT’s resident timesplitter, Kushida came out first. Raul Mendoza was out next. Back and forth to start the match. They ran the ropes and traded counters. Mendoza hit the first big takedown for a pop after a shot to the jaw. He delivered a big chop in the corner. Mendoza fought back in from the apron and leapt from the top but Kushida decked him in mid-air, sending him to the floor.

Kushida ran the ropes and leapt out, taking Mendoza down on the floor. He brought it back into the ring, kicking Mendoza in the back of the head from the apron. Kushida climbed to the top but had to roll through. Mendoza countered and dropped Kushida on his head with a twisting neckbreaker. Mendoza kept control for another two count.

More big strikes between the two. Kushida with a cartwheel into a basement dropkick after a series of moves. So, fans chanted for Kushida and chanted “NXT!”  Mendoza ended up rocking Kushida with a kick to the head while Kushida sat on the top. Kushida was dazed while up top. Mendoza rocked him and climbed up. Kushida fought back and they tangled on the top turnbuckle. He hit the super Spanish Fly into an armbar as soon as they hit the mat. Kushida got the win.

Result: Kushida def. Raul Mendoza

After the match, Kushida stood tall while fans were chanting his name. He continued to play to the crowd as they chanted his name.


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