WWE Champion Kofi Kingston came out while The New Day music hit. Kingston said it feels good to be back at Madison Square Garden while fans pop. He said this would forever be a special place to him because it’s where he stepped up against a top guy to prove he belongs. He whooped Randy Orton’s ass all around the building, in the ring, outside of the ring, into the walls and over the barricade. The icing on the cake was when he laid The Viper out and put his ass through a table.

Kingston went on and said he beat Orton all around the arena and had fans chanting his name, and that’s when he knew. So, fans started chanting his name. Kingston said that’s when he knew that one day he would be back at MSG and he would be champion. He went on and showed us footage from ten years ago on the November 16 RAW where he put Orton through the table in the MSG crowd. Kingston says that’s just a small preview of what he’s going to do to Orton on Sunday at Clash of Champions.

Finally, Orton interrupted while we hear him saying “stupid!” over and over and over again from someone in the arena. Suddenly, Orton appeared down in the crowd. He’s tired of hearing Orton go on about the only two things he has done in the past ten years. Orton went on about his own accomplishments. He ran down Kingston for trying to be something he’s not from day 1, whether it’s a fake Jamaican or that phony Power of Positivity stuff. Thus, Kingston dropped the mic and got ready for a fight in the ring.

The Dreadlocked Dynamo left the ring and entered the crowd. He charged, and Orton met him with a steel chair. Orton once again suckered in Kingston, and called him stupid and delivered more chair shots. Orton launched Kingston into a wall and went for a draping DDT from a table to the concrete. But Kingston got free and unloaded, taking The Viper down. However, fans chanted for the champion as he grabbed the chair and unloaded on Orton.

Kingston positioned a table in the crowd, just like he did ten years ago on RAW from the same venue. Graves said Kofi is having flashbacks. Kingston went to put Orton on the table, but Orton turned it around. Orton placed Kingston on the table and went for a chair shot, but he blocks it. Kingston mounted Orton with strikes. Fans chanted “tables!” while Kingston prepared another for Orton. He placed Orton on the table and delivered another chair shot.

Kingston went up the stairs into the crowd and leaped off, putting Orton through the table likewise ten years ago. He went back to the top of the stairs and stood on the railing while fans cheer him on.


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