Samoa Joe came out first to the ring for the last King of the Ring quarterfinals match for RAW. The fans chant The Samoan Shark’s name.  Joe talked about becoming King of the Ring and warned the rest of the roster. The music interrupted, and Ricochet came out to a pop. We got sidebar comments from Ricochet on what it would mean to win the tournament. The bell rang, and they went at it. Joe took Ricochet down by his arm and focused on it. Ricochet came back, but Joe controlled him by his arm and kept him grounded. Joe smiled while keeping Ricochet grounded. Ricochet fought up and worked on Joe’s arm. Joe got the rope and broke the hold. He delivered kicks and a takedown by the knee. Ricochet made it to the rope to break the hold.

Joe kept control and talked trash while stalking Ricochet around the ring. Ricochet fought free and got more offense in. Ricochet sent Joe out of the squared circle, and he landed hard on the floor. They traded strikes on the floor. Ricochet climbed to the top of the barrier and flies, taking Joe back down. Joe focused on the knees, but Ricochet hung with him in the ring. Joe dropped Ricochet on both knees, and Ricochet yelled out in pain while the referee checks on him. The Samoan Shark with a half-Crab but Ricochet got the bottom rope. The referee warned Joe after the fifth count. Joe chopped Ricochet back down. He hit a headbutt. Ricochet countered and took Joe down with scissors. He kept control and nailed a moonsault for a two count.

Ricochet hit big strikes in the corner. Joe charged but moved. Ricochet landed hard on his bad knee. Therefore, Joe took advantage and hit a big Uranage. He brought Ricochet to the floor and launched him into the barrier with a big Exploder suplex. Joe took his time before finally bringing it back into the ring. Ricochet kicked out. Some fans chanted for Joe while he keeps Ricochet down, focusing on his neck and shoulders. Ricochet fought up and out, but Joe delivered a big back. Ricochet fought back, but Joe dropped him once again. Joe kept on in the corner, but Ricochet kept fighting, and Joe went down with a dropkick. Ricochet delivered the running shoulder in the corner and a Blockbuster from the top. He hit the running Shooting Star Press for a two count.

Besides, Baron Corbin was watching the match from backstage. Ricochet climbed to the top but had to land on his feet as Joe jumped up and moved. Joe immediately caught Ricochet with a huge powerslam for a two count. Ricochet battled Joe off with elbows and rolled him up for a two count. Joe hit an inverted atomic drop. Ricochet came back and dropped Joe with big kicks. Joe climbed to the floor for a breather, but Ricochet leaped out with a modified Tiger Drop while fans pop. Ricochet brought Joe back in as the referee counts. Ricochet climbed to the top, but Joe cut him off with a shot to the knee. Joe turned Ricochet around and climbed up with him. Joe applied the Coquina Clutch while up high. Ricochet started fading.

Finally, Ricochet fought and they both fall to the mat together, both shoulders down and arms barely on top of each other.The referee counted and called the bell. The referee John Cone went to ringside after the bell and got a headset. Talking to someone in the back, he said both of their shoulders were down from his view. Also, he thanked someone on the other end and said he would take what they said under consideration. Ricochet stopped him at ringside, and Cone said they would make a ruling soon. So, Cone headed to the back as Joe shoved Ricochet. Joe dropped Ricochet and brought him into the ring. Joe tried to unload on Ricochet, but he blocked. Ricochet countered and nailed Joe with a Recoil, sending him out of the ring and made his exit.


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