Elias was up on the perch with his guitar. He thanked everyone for allowing him into their homes. Elias brought up how WrestleMania host Rob Gronkowski thought it would be a good for Elias to face King Baron Corbin at the big event. Before he gets there, Elias wants Corbin to hear his latest song. Elias started performing the song about WrestleMania and Corbin. He thanked “the capacity crowd here at the Performance Center” and went to wrap up but Corbin attacked him and destroyed him.

Elias was hanging onto the railing of the perch while Corbin taunted him and worked him over. Elias tried to climb back up but Corbin used his scepter to knock Elias down to the floor below. Elias fell from up high and laid out. However, Officials rushed over and called for help to come assist Elias. Here came the commercial.

After the break, we saw what just happened to Elias. Cole played up the seriousness of the situation and called it a “horrific” attack. He said Elias is being transferred to a local medical facility and we will try and learn how this impacts the King Corbin vs. Elias match at WrestleMania.


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