King Baron Corbin came out. He cut a promo taking shots at Chad Gable and then talked about what kind of King he will be coming out of the Draft. Besides, Cole showed us FOX Sports hosts Joe Buck and Troy Aikman hyping the Draft. Corbin wrapped his entrance while Chad Gable made his way to the ring. Hamilton announced Gable while Shorty Gable. Also, we got a look back at their last Sunday’s Hell in a Cell match, which Gable won.

The bell rang, and they went at it. Corbin unloaded and sent Gable out to the floor. Corbin followed and sent Gable into the barrier. He broke the count and scooped Gable, but Gable slid out and sent Corbin face-first into the ring post. They brought it back in, and Gable took the leg out. Gable focused on Corbin’s knee and leg. Corbin hit a knee to the gut after a cheap shot.

Gable looked to mount a comeback, but Corbin nailed a big boot to the face for a two count. Corbin worked Gable around the ring. He played to the crowd for boos. They ended up on the floor again, and Gable fought back with punches. Corbin shoved him on top of the announce table. Gable tried to fight back, but Corbin chokeslammed him on top of the announce table.

Corbin went for a Deep Six, but Gable countered and turned it into a bulldog. Gable launched himself at Corbin in the corner with cannonballs. Corbin rolled to the floor for a breather. Gable followed and sent Corbin over the timekeeper’s area. He brought it back in the ring and nailed a moonsault from the top. Corbin kicked out at two. He blocked a rolling German suplex and elbowed Gable.

Corbin drove Gable into the mat and covered for a two count. The referee checked on Gable after the hard landing. Gable avoided End of Days. Gable hit the rolling German suplex, but Corbin kicked out at two. He went for another German and hit it. Gable kept Corbin in his control, but Corbin blocked another German attempt. He blocked a chokeslam and rolled Corbin for a two count.

Corbin kicked the ankle lock off. Gable locked the ankle lock-in. Corbin went for the bottom rope, but Gable dragged him back for a two count. Gable walked right into End of Days in the center of the ring. Corbin covered for the pin to win. After the match, King Corbin stood tall while his music hit.


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