Killian Dain’s path of destruction continues.

Killian Dain came out first. Tehuti Miles was out next. Mike talked about Miles’ history in the military and football. The bell rang and Dain took it to the corner before backing off. Dain talked some trash. Miles used his speed and said he’s too fast for Dain. Dain trapped Miles in the corner but Miles turned it around for shoulder thrusts. More back and forth. Dain caught Miles in mid-air but Miles slide out.

Miles hit a forearm from the apron. Dain hit a big pump kick to knock Miles from the apron to the floor. He followed and launched Miles into the steel ring steps, then the barrier. The referee counted and Dain brought it back in. Dain beat Miles down in the corner and unloaded with stomps while the referee counted. He nailed a big belly-to-back suplex for a close two count.

Dain worked Miles over while grounding him by his neck. He missed and ran into the ring post as Miles moved from the corner. Miles mounted more offense. He hit a big kick to the face and a dropkick but Dain was still standing. Dain rocked Miles out of nowhere and dropped him in the middle of the ring. He slammed Miles and hit the big senton in the middle of the ring. Dain with a Vader Bomb for the pin to win.

Result: Killian Dain def. Tehuti Miles

After the match, The Beast of Belfast stood tall and stood tall on the apron with his arms in the air.


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