Riddle immediately went after Dain, while Riddle had his ribs taped up. He wasn’t looking 100% after attack from TakeOver where Dain jumped off the stage, and they went through some tables. Riddle continued to fight back with kicks, chops, and punches. Dain with a ripcord shoulder block and hit running crossbody for pin attempt. He applied a seated abdominal stretch and then just stood on Riddle’s injured ribs.

Also, Dain choked Riddle over the bottom rope, hit a knee lift into the ribs, and gutbuster. He went back to stretching out Riddle’s ribs. Nonetheless, Riddle fought with a kip-up, running forearm smash, and exploder suplex. Penalty kick missed, standing moonsault and landed on his feet, standing senton, and cover for a two count. Scrambled on the mat and they ended up in the rope.

Riddle swung away while the referee had to break it up. Dain dropped Riddle and covered for a two count. Plus, he continued to hit the ribs. Dain delivered Ugly fireman’s carry drop, running senton and he dropped right into submission, but Riddle battled out of it. Riddle lifted Dain on his shoulder, hit a GTS, a powerbomb, a knee to the face for a pin attempt.

However, things spilled out to the floor. Riddle separated the steps, but Dain hit a back body drop, sending Riddle’s face into the steps & he was lying on the steps. He hit a running senton on Riddle while the referee started counting his ten-count. Dain hit a Vader Bomb off the apron on Riddle. He took it back in the ring for two more Vader Bombs. Some blood came out of Riddle’s mouth. Dain hit a third Vader Bomb for the pin to win the match.

Afterward, Riddle got up and ran at Dain on the stage and jumped on his back to fight some more.


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