Randy Orton came out for tonight’s main event. Kevin Owens was out next. The bell rang and they locked up, going into the corner. They broke and Orton missed a big right hand. Owens delivered big chops. Orton tried to turn it around but Owens beat him down with a bunch of rights and lefts. Owens went for the corner cannonball but Orton retreated to the floor. KO followed and sent Orton ribs-first into the barrier. He hit the cannonball into the barrier. Owens played to the crowd for a pop, then taunted Orton.

He brought Orton back in and climbed to the top. RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Murphy appeared on the stage with AOP while fans booed. Owens yelled at them from the apron, telling Rollins to bring it and calling him a little b***h. Orton attacked Owens from behind on the apron. After the break, Owens tried to fight out of the corner while Rollins and his crew were at ringside. Orton ran into a big superkick from Owens. They both went down as Rollins looked on.

Moreover, The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits ran down to fight off the heels at ringside. Owens climbed to the top while the other teams were fighting out through the crowd. Orton countered and climbed up for a superplex but Owens resisted. They both traded shots up high. Owens headbutted Orton to the mat. He hit a big senton for a pop. Rollins was back at ringside. He walked across the apron but Owens knocked him off. However, Orton took advantage of the distraction and clotheslined Owens.

Orton went for the draping DDT but Owens dropped him over the top rope. Rollins tried to interfere again but Owens kicked him back into the barrier. Orton took advantage of the distraction and dropped Owens with a DDT. He looked to go for a pin, or not, and the referee called the match out of nowhere, confusing everyone. After the bell, The Viper stared at the referee confused. The referee went out to check on Rollins and he too looked confused. Orton stood over Owens and looked down.

Rollins slide two steel chairs in the ring and told Orton he knows he wants to do this to Owens. So, fans chanted “Randy sucks!” Owens ended up grabbing a chair and facing off with Orton. From the floor, the referee yanked the chair from Owens’ hands and threw it down on the floor next to Rollins. Fans booed this referee once again. Orton made his exit as Owens went to the floor and grabbed the referee. Owens brought the referee back into the ring and revealed that he’s wearing a Rollins t-shirt under his referee gear.

A surprised Rollins said he had nothing to do with this. Tom said the referee is one of Rollins’ disciples. Rollins threw a fit from the stage and said that is a good man, a good referee. Owens dropped the referee with a Stunner for a big pop.  Rollins yelled out from the stage. KO went under the ring and brought a table in while fans were cheering him on. Rollins looked on from the stage as Owens powerbombs the referee through the table. So, fans popped again. Owens took a chair next to the fallen referee and sat in it, staring up at Rollins as he yelled back at the ring. The final RAW before WWE Super ShowDown went off the air.


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