RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins came out. Kevin Owens was also out to join his partners. Angel Garza was out next with Zelina Vega. Vega took the mic and announced that WWE United States Champion Andrade has suffered a serious injury to his ribs, and he’s not medically cleared to compete. However, she has access to the hottest up & coming talent in WWE. She introduced WWE NXT Superstar Austin Theory and he came out, calling him the hottest free agent no more. Theory marched to the ring with Vega and Garza. Seth Rollins came out next to join them. Ford raised the title and taunted Garza and Theory with it.

The bell rang and Owens looked to start with Rollins. Rollins immediately tagged in Theory and encouraged him. Owens rocked Theory to start the match and beat him into the corner, unloading and beating him down. Dawkins tagged in and then he immediately tagged in Ford for the double team. Garza tagged in and they grabbed him, slamming him on top of Theory for another double team. They got send out to the floor. Ford ran the ropes and leapt out, taking Theory and Garza down on the floor. Here came the commercial.

After the break, Ford went at it with Garza. Garza dropkicked him in mid-air, then snatched his pants off in the middle of the ring. He dropped Ford again and tagged in Theory to keep the offense going. Theory covered for a two count while Vega was cheering him on. Ford tangled with Theory and sent him to the apron. Theory came back and dropped Ford for a two count. He kept control with forearms and more strikes to Ford while Vega was cheering him on. Ford countered a move and tagged in Dawkins.

Dawkins decked Theory, then knocked Rollins and Garza off the apron. He ended up on the floor, running Garza over. Dawkins ran back in and ran over Theory. Rollins ran in and superkicked Dawkins out of nowhere. Owens talked trash while Rollins taunted him. Rollins stomped away while Dawkins was down in the middle of the ring. He choked Dawkins with the middle rope. Garza hit a cheap shot while the referee had his back turned. Theory came back in and kept Dawkins down in their corner.

Garza tagged back in and kept Dawkins grounded, man-handling him on the mat while Vega was cheering him on. Garza raked at the face and kept Dawkins down for another two count. Rollins came back in and got a cheap shot in, also taunting Owens. He hit a Slingblade on Dawkins. Rollins mounted Dawkins with lefts and rights while Vega cheered him on. Rollins taunted Dawkins. Dawkins caught a superkick and rocked Rollins with a big right hand. Owens tagged in as did Garza.

KO unloaded on Garza but Garza kicked him. Owens dropped Garza and hit the senton splash in the middle of the ring. He talked trash to Vega and hit the corner cannonball on Garza. Owens climbed to the top and hit the Swanton on Garza for a two count. Ford came in and nailed an enziguri on Owens. He ran and leapt at Theory out on the floor. Ford apparently hit the bottom of the ramp as Theory moved it looks like. Owens ended up hitting a Stunner on Garza in the ring, covering for the pin to win.

Result: Kevin Owens & The Street Profits def. Seth Rollins, Angel Garza & Austin Theory

After the match, Rollins immediately ran in and nails a Stomp on Owens. Rollins made his exit. We see Owens recovering in the ring.


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