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Team Ciampa def. The Undisputed Era in a demolition derby of a WarGames Match


The Undiputed Era came out first, and they all posed together and then stand in front of their mini-cage. Team Ciampa was out next to a big pop. Tommaso Ciampa was wearing a mask and carrying the crutch. The Blackheart marched to the ring and entered WarGames. The fourth partner had not revealed yet. Strong stepped up for his team, got ready for a fight, and entered the cage. Also, he taunted Ciampa, taking the crutch and throwing it away saying he doesn’t need it to beat Ciampa.

Ciampa attacked, and they went at it. He delivered a big kick and strikes to send Strong in the corner. Ciampa hit a big clothesline, and another. Both men fired up, going at it aggressively. Ciampa missed a big boot into the ropes, and Strong dropped him. Strong beat Ciampa into the other ring and worked him over. Ciampa mounted Strong in one corner and rocked him while fans counted along. He unloaded and nailed a running knee to the face for a pop.

Strong beat Ciampa around the rings and then mounted him with punches while fans counted along this time as well. Ciampa went down and hit a big running low kick. Strong avoided a DDT, and they fought it out in the middle of the two rings. Ciampa clotheslined Strong over into a ring. Strong countered a move and dropped Ciampa over his knees with a Gutbuster.

Moreover, they traded shots on their feet. The counter went off and Kyle O’Reilly. He hit the ring and helped Strong with the double team. They took turns on Ciampa, hitting him with strikes of all kind. Strong ended up running and nailing a bunch of forearms to the face of Ciampa. Afterwards, he hit a backbreaker to Ciampa, allowing O’Reilly to connect with a flying knee on Ciampa.

Dominik Dijakovic came in next and unloaded on Strong and O’Reilly. He delivered power moves to O’Reilly, including a superkick and a huge clothesline for a pop. Dijakovic rocked O’Reilly in the corner. Strong charged but Dijakovic dropped him. He launched O’Reilly onto Strong. Dijakovic and Strong went at it now. He launched Strong into the cage walls a few times. Dijakovic continued to manhandle everyone until he was standing, to help Ciampa back to his feet.

Ciampa fought Strong while Dijakovic worked O’Reilly over. Dijakovic hit a bunch of strikes to drop O’Reilly on the middle plate between the rings. Bobby Fish hit the ring next and went to work. He took out Dijakovic early on, and then unloaded on Ciampa with strikes. The tag team champions double team Dijakovic with a Total Elimination. Strong hit a big backbreaker to Ciampa.

The Undisputed Era continued to dominate the action. They all took turns on Dijakovic against the wall of the cage. The two then took turns with big running strikes on Ciampa. The Undisputed Era stood tall and wasted some time, talking trash and playing to the crowd. They went back to work on their opponents. The counter went down and was as next. He ran to the cages and went right to work on Strong.

Lee ran over everyone else.  He leapfroged the tag champs and then took them both down with a double crossbody for a big pop. Lee took the tag team champions down with another impressive launch over the top rope. So, the fans continued to chant for Lee. O’Reilly saved Fish from a powerbomb by Lee. Strong, O’Reilly and Fish all teamed up to finally bring Lee down.

They triple-teamed him until Ciampa made the save. Ciampa went down next. Dijakovic tossed O’Reilly to the other ring. He beat Strong to the mat. Fish with a Sleeper attempt on Lee. The timer counted down and NXT Champion, Adam Cole. The Captain rushed the ring for a pop. He stopped and brought a table out while the crowd going wild. Cole leaned one table against the barrier. He slid another table in to Strong. Cole brought another table into the ring, and another. O’Reilly stomped on Dijakovic.

Cole continued to bring tables from under the ring. He stepped in, but Ciampa rocked him. Ciampa shoved Cole from the apron through a table leaning against the barrier. Cole crashed hard through the table as it splintered. The referee closed the cage at 4-3. One team stood in one ring while the others in the second ring. The two sides stared each other down. Team Ciampa entered the other ring and approached their opponents. However, a wild brawl broke out while the fans were cheering and chanting “NXT!”

Lee scooped O’Reilly, but Fish brought him down with a huge low blow. So, fans booed, and there were no DQs. The clock counted down, and everyone stopped to see who might come out. Fish and O’Reilly laughed about how Ciampa had no one. However, the music hit and the mystery partner, Kevin Owens came out to a huge pop. Cole looked shocked as Owens charged the cage. Owens unloaded on The Undisputed Era as the crowd popped. Fish took a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Owens continued to dominate while the others were watching. Mauro said Owens is getting payback for RAW. Cole stared Owens down as Owens had his back turned. So, the fans chanted “welcome back!” to KO. Owens threw a “suck it!” crotch chop to Cole. Cole and Owens brawled. Owens nailed the Stunner on Cole but Strong breaks the pin up. Lee and Dijakovic launched Strong from one ring to the other, onto his partners. Owens climbed the cage and shook the steel, getting the crowd to pop.

Team Ciampa kept their opponents down and control the match. Ciampa hit a DDT to O’Reilly. They had a few tables stood up. Cole and Owens went at it while Strong and Dijakovic went at it. Fish dropped Lee. Cole launched Ciampa into the steel of the cage. Lee climbed the cage and flies, taking down a group of NXT Superstars. O’Reilly climbed up with a big knee drop on Lee. He applied the leg submission on Lee. Dijakovic hit a springboard moonsault on O’Reilly, but Fish broke it up at two.

Ciampa slammed Fish and Owens followed up with a Swanton. He covered but Cole superkicked him to break it up. Cole ended up top with Lee stopping him. Strong hit Lee from behind. He hit a super Strong Slam on Lee from up high. Strong and O’Reilly double-teamed Lee for a close two count as Dijakovic made the save. So, the fans chanted “this is awesome!” Owens superkicked O’Reilly and backdropped Strong into the cage. He dropped O’Reilly again. Owens grabbed Cole in the middle part between the rings, and they traded suplex attempts.

Moreover, they traded counters and strikes. Owens rocked but Cole superkicked him. Cole climbed to the second rope for a Panama Sunrise, but Owens blocked it Owens. He countered a backdrop attempt and hit the Panama Sunrise on the steel anyway. So, the fans chanted “holy shit!” at the sound of Owens hitting the steel partition. We got a replay and a “Mamma Mia!” chant. Everyone was down for a minute as fans went wild. Fish and Strong stood up two tables and went to put Ciampa on them, but he fought off.

Ciampa hit knees to the back of O’Reilly. He ran wild on everyone else until Cole superkicked him in the face. Ciampa sent Cole into the cage. He hit a running knee to the face, sending Cole’s face into the steel. Ciampa hit four or five more knees like that for a pop. There were bodies down everywhere once again. Ciampa took Cole to the top, but Cole fought. Cole fought back and looked to go for a Sunrise through a table, but Ciampa resisted. Ciampa slammed Cole’s head into the steel.

Cole slammed Ciampa’s face into the steel, using his beard for leverage. O’Reilly and Fish rocked Lee up top. Cole climbed to the top of the cage as Ciampa followed. The tag champs had Lee up top. Dijakovic came over and put Strong through a table. He countered O’Reilly but got pulled into a submission. Dijakovic powered up and placed O’Reilly on a table. Owens climbed the top rope and put O’Reilly through the table with a Frogsplash.

Lee powerbombed Fish through the other table that was left standing. Plus, we saw Cole and Ciampa trading shots at the very top of the cage. Ciampa scooped Cole on his shoulders on top of the WarGames structure. He positioned Cole on his back while standing on the very top of the cage. Ciampa dropped down and put Cole through the table on his back. Finally, Ciampa got the win as the referee immediately counted.

Result: Team Ciampa def. The Undisputed Era

After the bell, Ciampa and Cole were still laid out in the debris. Ciampa’s girlfriend was looking worried at ringside. The camera showed the other Superstars laid out throughout the WarGames structure. Team Ciampa started to recover and got to their feet. Ciampa and Cole were still laid out in the debris of the table. Lee helped Ciampa up, and they embraced. Ciampa, Owens, Lee and Dijakovic stood tall in the middle of the ring and had their arms raised. Besides, Mauro hyped Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view and NXT “Takeover: WarGames 2019” went off the air.



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