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Kevin Owens gets into a wild brawl with Shane McMahon & Elias

Kevin Owens was in the ring for another must an exclusive edition of “The Kevin Owens Show.” Owens called to cut the music and said this isn’t a regular episode of The KO Show. He called for Shane McMahon to come out so they can get to it. But Shane wasn’t showing. Owens said we have better things to do than to wait for Shane’s ass. Finally, the music hit and Shane came out. Shane hit the corner to pose and called on Hamilton to give him a grand introduction. Owens interrupted and said he’s not having that crap tonight because we’ve heard it enough.

Owens called Shane out for a particular reason. He said people keep asking why Shane’s career isn’t on the line in the SummerSlam match. Owens said that’s because Shane is a McMahon – he can say and do whatever he wants. He said the people are relentless and he heard them loud and clear, and because of that, he’s changed his mind. Owens said since the McMahon Family always talks about doing what is best for business. Likewise, he asked Shane to put his career on the line this Sunday.

Meanwhile, Fans popped. Owens told Shane to be a man and agree to leave WWE if he loses at SummerSlam. However, a “yes!” chant broke out. Shane said to let him ponder that for a second, but he answered with No. He told Owens would lose this Sunday. But it’s OK because there’s no shame in losing to the best in the world. Shane talked more and said he would finally get rid of Owens. KO said Shane just exposed to everyone that he doesn’t have any balls. Owens kicked a chair out of the way and looked for a fight.

Shane said he has balls and brains, and he can see what’s in Owens’ eyes. So, Shane readied for a fight as Owens destroyed the set. Suddenly, Elias attacked Owens. They ended up on the outside while Owens fought both of them off. KO sent Shane flying over the announce table while fans cheered. However, Elias came back over and turned it around, grabbing Owens on top of the table. Owens kicked him in the gut and dropped him with a Stunner on top of the table. Also, Shane came back over and dropped Owens from the table.

The Best in the World mounted Owens with strikes while fans booed. Shane tipped the announce table over on Owens, trapping him. He hit more punches to Owens’ face while he’s down. Shane positioned a steel chair over Owens’ head. He got a running start and dropkicked the chair into Owens’ head. Further, Shane talked trash about how Owens will be done on Sunday. He delivered a few more punches to the head while referees tried to get Shane to back off. Finally, The Best in the World walked away.

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