Kevin Owens was in the ring. We saw ladders standing up and lying down around the arena. The briefcase was hanging high above the ring with the stipulation documents. The winner of the match will keep their job, and Owens’ lawsuit against Shane will be dismissed. Shane McMahon was out next. He stopped on the stage and signals for Hamilton to give him a grand introduction.

Owens ran out of the ring, up the ramp and attacked Shane on the stage. He brought it back into the ring, and the bell rang. Owens sent Shane out of the ring and went to work. He bridged a ladder from the apron to the top of the barrier. Owens rocked Shane a few more times on the outside. He brought another ladder into the ring and positioned it under the briefcase and started climbing.

Shane ran in and pulled him down. He delivered a side Russian leg sweep. Shane stomped on Owens and climbed the ladder while fans booed. Owens knocked him down. The ladder ended up knocked out of the ring. They tangle some more, including a Stunner block. Owens went to bring the ladder back in, but Shane kicked it into his face.  Shane ended up dropping Owens on the outside again and placing him on the announce table.

He pounded on Owens while he’s down on top of the announce table. Shane slammed the top cover piece of the table onto Owens a few times. He hit another table cover shot to Owens, keeping him down on top of the announce table. Shane returned to the ring while fans booed him. He climbed to the top turnbuckle and delivered a huge elbow drop, putting Owens through the announce table. They’re both laid out in the debris. So, the fans chant “holy shit!”

Further, Owens had Shane placed on the ladder bridge from the apron to the barrier from earlier. He climbed to the top and leaped with a Frogsplash, putting Shane through the ladder, bending it. Fans chanted “holy shit!” and “this is awesome!” Owens stood another ladder up under the briefcase. There was also a ladder bridged from bottom rope to bottom rope in the corner.

Owens climbed up, but Shane ran in. He hit Owens in the leg with a steel chair to stop him from climbing. Shane knocked Owens and the ladder over with another chair shot. He unloaded with a few more chair shots. Shane sat Owens up against the bottom turnbuckle and then placed a ladder over his body. Shane climbed to the opposite corner and delivered a huge Coast 2 Coast, smashing the ladder into Owens.

Owens rolled to the floor while the referee checked on him.  Shane stood a ladder up under the briefcase again. He climbed, but Owens ran in and stopped him. Owens powerbombed Shane from half-way up the ladder, onto the ladder bridge on the bottom rope in the corner. He climbed up and retrieved the briefcase to end Shane’s career and win the match.

After the match, Owens yelled out and smashed the briefcase into his head a few times while the music hits. He stood tall with the briefcase and shoved the ladder over. Owens took the mic while Shane started crawling to him. “Hey Shane, you’re fired!” He then delivered a Stunner to drop Shane in the center of the ring. Owens’ music started back up as he resumed the celebration.


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