RAW Tag Team Champion Murphy was in the ring with The Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar. There’s a podium and two stood with the stained-glass photos of The Messiah. Murphy took the mic at the podium and introduced their leader. RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins came out. Rollins kissed the hands of some fans on the way to the ring. He gave thanks and thanked Murphy for the introduction.

Rollins brought up the word “sermon” first and said the powers that be branded tonight’s segment that way. He just wanted to come speak to the masses, but the word does fit because what he has to say is divine. So, the boos picked up. Rollins went on and isn’t saying much that’s new. He took the role of being The Messiah very seriously. Phase two of this movement will not be easy. So, fans chanted “you suck!”

Rollins understands their pain, brothers and sisters. He said phase two will not be easy but it’s for the greater good. Moreover, Rollins said now it’s time to seek out the weak, the lesser than, the non-compliant. They must find the flaws in the system and rehabilitate them if they can, and eradicate them if they must. Rollins said this is not a promise, not a threat, not a warning, this comes from his heart.

He went on about people suffering the same fate if they remain inn-complaint, or stay in the way of progress and the future. Finally, the music interrupted as The Viking Raiders ran out. Erik and Ivar rushed the ring and brawled with AOP as Murphy and Rollins retreated up the ramp. Rollins ordered Murphy back into the ring to fight. The Vikings took out all three while Rollins was watching from the stage, throwing a fit.

Further, Kevin Owens ran out and dropped Rollins with a Stunner for a big pop. Owens’ music hit as he stood over Rollins, looking down at him. Elsewhere, Charly stopped a frustrated Seth Rollins and his crew. Rollins said his crew is the only ones who give him the respect he deserves. Rollins said Owens and The Vikings can have a fight if that’s what they want, against his disciples, later tonight.


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