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Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre traded haymakers in edge-of-your-seat slugfest

Kevin Owens came out first. Drew McIntyre was out next. Drew took control with a big shot as the bell hits. Owen came back with a side-slam and a dropkick. He worked over Drew in the corner and backed off after the referee warned him. Drew turned it around and nailed a neckbreaker of his own for a two count. Further, the two fought to their feet. Drew rocked Owens and fought him into the corner. Drew charged shoulder-first but hit the ring post as Owens moved.

Owens ran and hit a big Corner Cannonball. He kept control for a few more minutes. Drew fought back on the outside. He blocked a shot into the ring post while the referee was counting. Owens dropped Drew at the sixth count. Owens came to the apron and Drew caught a kick. Drew grabbed Owens’ leg and launched him off the apron, and into the barricade. Owens landed hard against the barrier. Drew had Owens down with a knee to the center of the back. He kept control and kept Owens grounded in the middle of the ring.

Moreover, they fought up and out. Owens knocked Drew to the floor a few times. Owens rocked Drew back to the floor and followed with a big Cannonball from the apron. He got a big pop from the crowd. Owens brought it back into the ring and played to the crowd some. So, the fans rallied for Owens. They both collided with huge shots on the apron and stunned each other. Drew waited on the apron but Owens superkicked him. He dropped Owens on the apron again.

Owens went back down on the floor but made it back in at the eighth count. Drew stayed on top of him and hit a big sitdown powerbomb for a close two count. He took Owens to the top and chopped him. Drew climbed up for a superplex, but Owens blocked it. Owens fought back and hit headbutt on Drew to the mat. He followed up with a big Frogsplash, but it was just a two count. Owens showed some frustration. He waited for Drew to get up. Drew blocked the Stunner and Owens superkicked him.

McIntyre dropped Owens with a clothesline. Owens caught Drew with a big Pop-Up Powerbomb but somehow Drew still kicked out at two. Owens couldn’t believe it while a “this is awesome!” chants started. He kept control and climbed back to the top. Owens flew for a big senton but Drew got his knees up, blocking it, and Owens landed hard. Drew fought but ran into a superkick. He blocked a kick and a Stunner, coming right back with a Claymore Kick out of nowhere.

Owens got his foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. So, the crowd popped big time. Drew couldn’t believe it and he argued with the referee. He went for the big DDT, but Owens blocked it for a two count of his own. They tangled some more, and Owens nailed the Stunner. Both superstars were down. Owens took too much time crawling over and Drew got his boot on the bottom rope to break the pin.

Drew caught a superkick and dropped Owens with the big Future Shock DDT but Owens kicked out at two. However, The Savage Scotsman was not happy. Thus, the fans chanted “this is awesome!” again. They tangled some more and Owens hit a second big Stunner. Suddenly, the music hit and Triple H came out in a suit. Hunter stood at the entrance and looked down at the ring.

Result: No Contest

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