NXT North American Champion Keith Lee came out first to a pop for NXT TakeOver: Portland opener. Alicia Taylor did the introductions. Dominik Dijakovic was out next, wearing a t-shirt in memory of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. Lee stared Dominik down. Besides, we got a look at the Spanish announce team. The bell rang and fans started chanting for Lee. They met in the middle of the ring and faced off before locking up. Dijakovic charged first with offense. They went at it and Lee blocked a discus kick.

Lee got caught coming out of the corner but made the save. They went on and Lee hit a big hurricanrana for a huge pop. They traded strikes and counters, and then collided with shoulder blocks. The two met in the middle of the ring and Dijakovic talked trash. Lee smiled. He worked on the arm after blocking a strike. Lee lifted Dijakovic by his arm. Dijakovic delivered a big chop but it won’t break the hold. He went on and hit the discus kick to drop Lee. Dijakovic ran the ropes and leapt over to the floor but Lee caught him in position for a powerbomb.

Dijakovic fought out and sent Lee into the ring post but  it’s blocked. He kept fighting and keeps control while the referee was counting. Dijakovic slammed Lee onto the apron but had trouble getting him up. Lee hit the apron and fell to the floor. Dijakovic brings it back in the ring and keeps Lee down with strikes and trash talking. Fans rallied for Lee while he was trying to get back standing up. Lee stayed on one knee for all of this but fell back into the ropes after a shot to the face.

Dijakovic delivered a big chop against the ropes. He went for another suplex but Lee resisted. Lee overpowered while fans were cheering him on. He dropped Dijakovic and followed up with an elbow in the corner. They went to collide again but Lee unloaded with strikes. Lee nailed a backbreaker and a big German suplex for a pop and covered for a 2 count. More back and forth between the two until Dijakovic dropped Lee with the Cyclone kick and then stepped on him.

Dijakovic climbed to the top and hit a huge corkscrew moonsault for a close two count. He couldn’t believe it. So, fans chanted “NXT!” and went wild. Dijakovic went to scoop Lee but couldn’t get him up. They traded more big strikes in the middle of the ring. Lee hulked up and fans popped. Dijakovic also screamed out. They collided with clothesline attempts and both went down to one knee. Dijakovic blocked big shots and knees Lee in the gut, then knocked him under the bottom rope with a clothesline.

Fans rallied for Lee as heclimbed to the top. Dijakovic cut him off and slammed his head into the turnbuckle while the referee warned him. Dijakovic went to the top and hit a huge super Feast Your Eyes. Lee somehow kicked out and the crowd pops big. So, fans chanted “NXT!” and “this is awesome!” Dijakovic worked Lee into the corner. He went to charge but Lee charged first and hit a big Pounce, sending Dijakovic into the turnbuckles. Dijakovic rolled out to the floor for a breather but he’s still down.

Lee came out in front of the announce tables as the Spanish announce team moved their things. He rocked Dijakovic into the barrier Fans chanted for tables. Lee hit huge chops to the chest against the barrier while fans were cheering him on. He placed Dijakovic in one of the announce chairs, then hit the big double chop to the chest again. Dijakovic broke the count and unloaded on Lee, sending him back into the chair. He ended up sending Lee back with a huge superkick while he’s in the chair.

Dijakovic went back in the ring and springboarded out with a huge move to Lee in the chair. Fans went wild and chant “holy s**t!” Even the announcers were marking out. Dijakovic brought it back in the ring. Lee ducked a chokeslam and scooped Dijakovic on his shoulders but Dijakovic unloaded with elbows. He powered back up but Dijakovic landed on his feet and nailed a superkick. Lee overpowered a chokeslam attempt. He grabbed Dijakovic by his throat but Dijakovic countered.

Dijakovic came right back with the chokeslam but Lee came right back up in his face. Lee hit the big sitdown powerbomb but Dijakovic popped right back up on his feet. Lee couldn’t believe it and rolled him for a two count. He powered back up with the Spirit Bomb for a close two count. Fans went wild with another “NXT!” chant. Fans chanted “fight forever!” as Lee brought Dijakovic to the corner. Lee draped Dijakovic over the top rope as Lee went to the top. However, Dijakovic took advantage and knocked Lee from the top to the floor.

Lee came back to the apron and slowly fought back into it. He slowly climbed to the top. Dijakovic hit a big boot to the face. He climbed to the top and took control of Lee up high. Dijakovic hit a huge super Spanish Fly but Lee kicked out. He went right back to his feet and tried to get Lee off his feet and couldn’t. Lee fought back. Dijakovic fell down some as his back may have given out. Lee took advantage and grabbed Dijakovic for the Big Bang Catastrophe for the pin to retain.

Result: NXT North American Champion Keith Lee def. Dominik Dijakovic

After the match, fans started cheering loudly. The Limitless One stood tall and raised the title after taking it from the referee. Lee offered his hand and helped Dijakovic to his feet in a show of respect. So, fans cheered them on and they embraced in the middle of the ring. Lee pointed Dijakovic to the corner and helped him up there to pose for an applause. He raised the title while Dijakovic posed in the corner.


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