Damian Priest made his way out for the main event. 205 Live Superstar Tony Nese came out next. Lio Rush was out first for his team, followed by Keith Lee. Lee came out wearing a Santa Claus hat, carrying a plate of cookies. The bell rang and fans started chanting for Lee, who shared his cookies with Rush. Rush started off with Nese but Nese immediately tagged out. Priest stared down Rush and pointed out the size difference. He wanted Lee but Rush wasn’t backing down.

Priest grabbed Rush by his throat. Rush rocked Priest but Priest charges and missed. He kicked Priest and avoided another attack. Lee tagged in as Rush flipped into the corner. Lee and Priest faced off in the middle of the ring. Priest took off Lee’s Santa hat and tossed it. Priest nailed Lee but Lee went to work. They traded strikes and counters. Lee hit a big crossbody in the middle of the ring.

Nese came in but Lee backed him off and smiled at him. Rush threw the cookies at Nese. Nese chased Rush around the ring. Lee ran over and nailed a big Pounce, sending Nese over the announce table, into Tom. So, Tom asked what’s going on as Lee and Rush celebrated.  After the break, Priest had control of Rush. Nese came in and leveled Rush with a big kick for a two count. He kept Rush grounded on the mat with a body scissors.

Nese talked trash as Lee encouraged Rush from the apron. Fans tried to rally some while Rush was fighting up and out. Nese took Rush to the corner and kicked away as the referee warned him. He rocked Nese out of the corner but Nese stopped him from tagging. Rush countered and rolled Nese up, then blocked a kick. They tangled some more and Nese still stops the tag. More back and forth until Rush nailed The Come Up on Nese out of nowhere.

Finally, Lee got the tag as did Priest. Lee unloaded and hit a splash in the corner and more offense. He delivered a huge clothesline for a two count on Priest. Priest got dropped on the apron. Nese came back in and hit a moonsault on Lee for a two count.v Rush tagged himself back in and tangled with Nese. He hit a big clothesline attempt but Nese dodged it with the Matrix. Nese and Rush unloaded on each other but Rush got the upperhand.

Priest took Lee off the apron before the tag was made. He chokeslammed Rush on the edge of the apron. Priest waited for Rush to get up but here came Lee, with his Santa hat back on. Lee knocked Priest over the top rope to the floor, and then followed. So, fans chanted for Lee as he rolled Priest back in. Nese flew out but Lee caught him in mid-air. Lee launched Nese into the barrier.

Priest flew out next but Lee caught him in mid-air, and then tossed him into Nese. Lee held Priest and powerbombed him into the apron. He came back in and scooped Nese while smiling in the middle of the ring. Lee dropped Nese with the Jackhammer. Rush, with a mouthful of cookies, waited for the tag on the apron. He climbed to the top and stood on Lee’s shoulders. Rush nailed a huge Final Hour onto Nese for the pin and the win.

Result: Keith Lee & Lio Rush def. Damian Priest and Tony Nese

After the match, Lee and Rush stood tall in the middle of the ring while Nese and Priest were looking on from the stage. Finally, the Christmas edition of NXT went off the air with Lee and Rush celebrating for the crowd.


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