NXT North American Champion Keith Lee came out for a title defense. Fans chanted for Lee while he was heading to the ring. Alicia Taylor did the ring introductions as Cameron Grimes made his way out next to mostly boos. Taylor did formal ring introductions before they lock up.

The bell rang and Grimes did some taunting and stalling. Fans were behind Lee with the chants already. Grimes went for a takedown but sized Lee up again. He went for the leg but Lee overpowered after they tangled. Grimes looked on from the corner to regroup and reassessed his strategy. He went for the leg again. Grimes went for a German suplex but still no luck.

Finally, Lee got his hands on Grimes and dropped him with a big double chop to the chest. Fans chanted “one more time!” but Grimes nailed a forearm. Lee tossed Grimes out to the floor with ease. He followed to the floor but Grimes turned it around with kicks. Grimes leapt from the apron to the floor but Lee caught him in mid-air. He ended up escaping to the apron and decking Lee in the face.

Grimes ran the ropes and flew back out but Lee grabbed him again. They tangled again and Grimes ate a Spirit Bomb. Lee brought it back into the ring and took it to the corner. Fans pop big as Grimes’ hat knocked from the ring post to the floor. Grimes ended up turning it back around and hitting a big crossbody from up high, but Lee kicked out. Here came the commercial with the split screen as Grimes kept Lee down.

More back and forth. Grimes got more offense in. Lee countered and went for a powerbomb again but Grimes slide out. Grimes delivered kicks. Lee missed a big back-fist. Grimes hit a big superkick and a roundhouse kick. He managed to get Lee up for the huge German suplex but Lee kicked out at two. So, fans chanted “NXT!” at the big German. Grimes went on and ended up hitting a big DDT but that’s still not enough.

They continued to trade counters and their signature moves for a few minutes. Grimes came close but Lee overpowered. Lee got a superkick to the face. They ran the ropes but Lee connected with a big Pounce out of nowhere. Lee followed up with the Big Bang Catastrophe for the pin to retain.

Result: NXT North American Campion Keith Lee def. Cameron Grimes

After the match, The Limitless One stood tall as his music hit. He raised the title in the middle of the ring. Damian Priest came from behind and dropped Lee with a nightstick shot. So, fans booed Priest. Dominik Dijakovic ran down and chased Priest off. Priest taunted Dijakovic from the crowd as he headed to the back.

Dijakovic, who is wearing a knee brace from the recent attack by Priest, picked up the title and walked over to hand it to Lee as Lee slowly got back to his feet. Lee snapped, possibly thinking Dijakovic is the one who attacked him, and immediately planted Dijakovic with a Big Bang Catastrophe. Lee made his exit with the title while Dijakovic was recovering on the floor.


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