Randy Orton made his way out. Mike Rome did the introductions tonight. Orton posed in the corner as the pyro went off. Keith Lee was out next. Orton went right to the floor to stall, pointing to his jaw injury from taking the Claymore earlier. He came back in the ring, and looked ready to go at it but he rolled back to the floor to boos. Lee was annoyed by the stalling. He grabbed Orton by his ear, and brought him to the apron but Orton dropped him over the top rope.

Orton came in and charged, but Lee dropped him with the big double slap to the chest. Orton hit a cheap shot while the referee can’t see. He went to work on Lee with uppercuts now. They went at it, and Lee blocked the RKO. Lee shoved Orton off and dropped him with a big elbow. Orton went back to the floor for a breather while the referee counted. Lee went out and charged, but Orton moved and Lee crashed into the barrier.

Orton return to the ring as the referee counted with Lee down on the floor. He kept control in the ring, covering for a two count. Orton kept Lee down and grounded him with a headlock. Orton nailed body scissors, keeping Lee on the mat and wearing him down. Lee looked to start fading. Lee powered up to his feet but Orton rammed him back into the turnbuckles. He blocked the RKO one again. More back and forth between the two. Lee ended up nailing a huge powerslam in the middle of the ring for a close two count. Orton slide out of a suplex and dropped Lee with the RKO outta nowhere.

Suddenly, Drew told Orton he will start seeing him in his nightmares, you son of a b***h. He stood tall over Orton. Orton marched to the back. Adam Pearce stopped him on the stage and yelled at him some. Drew headed to the back. Pearce sen6t more referees to the ring and they checked on Lee, who is down clutching his jaw.


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