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Keith Lee battled the NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong

Keith Lee yanked a distracted Roderick Strong over the top rope, to the mat. Strong headed back to the floor to regroup. The non-title match started as Lee caught Strong and dropped him from up high to the mat. Lee put a boot on Strong for a quick cover. He kept Strong down and then worked him over in the corners. Strong fought out of the corner, but Lee rocked him to the mat. Lee delivered a big chop to the chest. Strong hit a boot to the face. He climbed to the second rope, but Lee caught him in mid-air.

Strong fought out with elbows, but Lee powered up with a big body slam for a two count. Lee kept Strong down and punished him. Strong hit a boot to the face. He delivered more strikes to break Lee down to his knees. Strong with shoulder blocks but Lee was still up on his knees. The fourth shoulder knocked Lee over, but he was still coming back for more. Strong kept the strikes coming, but Lee hulked up and smiled. Lee caught Strong, but Strong slides out and unloaded with chopped.

Strong charged, but Lee knocked him out of the air with a big chop. Lee went to bring Strong in from the apron, but Strong crotched him on the middle rope and knocked him down with a shot to the head. Strong regrouped on the floor for a breather. They traded big shots in the middle of the ring. Strong dropkicked Lee to the floor. He leaped off the apron, but Lee caught him in mid-air. Strong fought free, and they traded shots on the floor while the referee counts. Lee sent Strong into the apron and pressed him into the ring.

Strong came right back with a dropkick through the ropes, and another as Lee went back down. So, the referee counted again. Lee sent Strong back into the barrier. He rolled back in, and Strong followed. Strong hit big forearm shots and more strikes in the middle of the ring. He hit a running kick to the face for a two count. Strong kept Lee grounded. Lee fought up to his feet with Strong on his back, but Strong delivered a cheap shot, then a chop block to the knee. Strong delivered more strikes and talked trash.

Lee took the strikes and started to hulk up again. He unloaded on Strong with big strikes and a corner splash. Lee launched Strong across the ring. He kept control and ran wild on Strong for a two count. Lee scooped Strong, but Strong fought off his shoulders. He hit a backbreaker over the knee for a two count. Lee climbed to the top and brought Strong. Strong fought free, but Lee shoved him away. He climbed back up for a superplex, but Lee shoved him down again. Strong hit an enziguri and climbed back up once again, to the very top.

Lee shoved Strong back down. Strong hit a knee to the head. He climbed back up and hit the big superplex and covered for a two count. Strong tried for the Stronghold, but Lee resisted and sent him flying. Lee fought back as they traded strikes in the middle of the ring. He ran into a boot and an Enziguri. Strong delivered a series of running forearms, but Lee cut him off with a big clothesline, and they both went down. However, the rest of Undisputed Era came down the ramp, but Tommaso Ciampa attacked them.

Ciampa ran over O’Reilly, but Cole dropped him with a superkick. Matt Riddle was also out, taking down Fish and leaping off the steps to take him down. Finn Balor came out of nowhere with a Slingblade and a double Stomp on Riddle. Balor hit the dropkick into the steel ring steps to Riddle. Lee watched while Balor was backing up the ramp, staring at Riddle. Strong took advantage and hit a jumping knee, then the Roddy Slam for a close two count. He landed a Senton, but Lee lifted him for a big Jackhammer slam. Lee held it and covered for the non-title win.

Result: Keith Lee def. NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong

After the match, The Undisputed Era attacked Lee but Ciampa made the save. They got the upperhand. Dominik Dijakovic came down and started dropping bodies. Dijakovic hit a superkick to Cole and a double chokeslam to the tag team champions. He kept fighting and took Cole out again. So, the fans chanted “feast your eyes!” as Dijakovic stood tall.

The crowd then chanted “WarGames!” as Dijakovic approached Ciampa in the corner. They shook hands. He turned to leave and ran into Lee. They faced off in the middle of the ring. Fans chanted “hug it out!” but they shook hands. Ciampa was all for it. Ciampa, Lee, and Dijakovic stand tall in the ring together while The Undisputed Era watched from the stage.

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