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Kayden Carter tangled with Chelsea Green | Bianca Belair called out Charlotte Flair


Kayden Carter came out to the ring first. Robert Stone was out next to the stage, representing The Robert Stone Brand for their relaunch. Stone introduced Chelsea Green and called her the face of the NXT women’s division. The bell hit and Carter went to attack. Green tried to slam her but Carter rolled her up for a two count right away. Carter mounted offense while Stone was watching from ringside. She won the exchange and then rolled Green into a move but couldn’t get the pin.

Carter delivered more offense for another pin attempt. She went for a move in the corner but she slipped on the second rope and fell. So, Green took advantage and got the upperhand for a two count. Green hit several knees to the gut. She dropped Carter with a knee to the jaw for a two count while Stone was looking on with all smiles. Green nailed a Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring. She kept control and slingshots Carter’s neck under the middle rope for another close pin attempt.

They went on until Bianca Belair suddenly hit the ring, taking a mic and standing tall, almost daring anyone to deny her this TV time. The EST of NXT took the mic and sent a message to Charlotte Flair. She doesn’t care when or where it is, she’s going to whoop Flair’s ass.

Belair left and Green tried to take advantage with a roll-up but Carter kicked out at two. More back and forth on the mat until Carter dropped Green with a big strike. Green rolled to the floor to regroup with Stone but Carter brought her back in the ring anyway. Stone grabbed Carter’s leg and tripped her, causing her to fall on her face while the referee wasn’t looking. Green capitalized and nailed the Unprettier on Carter for the pin to win.  After the match, The Robert Stone Brand celebrated.



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