Kay Lee Ray challenged NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm in a title match at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff. Ray immediately went to ringside playing mind games. She repeatedly backed away until Storm ran out and sent her into the barricade. Ray connected with a vicious slap, in retaliation for the slap Storm had dished out a few weeks ago. But the champ quickly took over.

Ray came with a savate kick through the ropes on Storm’s nose. She then went on to choke her over the middle rope. Ray followed up with a seated abdominal stretch and then hit a front face suplex for a two count. Storm ducked several strikes and then hit a German suplex. Storm tried for Storm Zero, but KLR countered with an attempt of her Gory Bomb.

However, Storm reversed into a reverse wheelbarrow position. She hit a sort of Candian Destroyer for a two count. The champ had Ray set-up for Storm-Zero, but Ray kicked out. Therefore, Storm couldn’t believe it. Ray recovered and nailed Storm with her finisher, but she kicks out. Both women climbed to the top. Ray went for a superplex, but Storm blocked it. Plus, she set up Ray for a top rope Storm-Zero. Ray back body dropped her off while Storm landed on her feet.

Further, Storm hit top rope German suplex. She went for another pin, but Ray got a foot on the ropes. She rolled to the outside while Storm connected with a bottom rope suicide dive. Ray caught Storm with a knee as she climbs back inside. Finally, Ray climbed to the top for a dangerous-looking Swanton. She hit Gory Bomb in the ring for a pin to capture the NXT UK Women’s title. Kay Lee Ray celebrated while Storm was in tears following her defeat.


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