The challenger – Lio Rush came out to the ring for tonight’s opener. NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin was out next, representing NXT UK. We got formal ring introductions from Alicia Taylor. The bell rang and they went at it to start. Back and forth for the first few minutes. Rush ended up countering and going for a roundhouse kick but Devlin avoided it and went to the floor early on to regroup.

Devlin, on his feet, looked on a bit shocked while Rush was staring him down from the ring. Here came the commercial. After the break, Devlin sells a possible rib injury after a moonsault. Devlin knocked Rush back with a big kick. He kept Rush down and worked him around the ring, into the corner to bully him with forearms. Rush got up and fired back with forearms of his own. Devlin nailed an Uranage and a standing moonsault but Rush got his knees up.

They tangled some more and Devlin hit a German suplex for a close two count. Devlin dropped Rush with a big knee to the gut for another two count. He had a few words for the referee. Devlin kept control after shutting down a comeback attempt. Fans did dueling chants but Rush couldn’t mount any offense. Devlin hit a big chop in the corner, then a European uppercut. He held Rush by his arm and delivered a bunch of left and right kicks to the face.

Devlin hit a stiffer kick to the face. Rush countered a move and went for The Come Up but Devlin blocked it and hit an Elevator Back-drop. Fans popped as Devlin was slow to make the cover but Rush kicked out at two. Devlin delivered more chops in the corner. Rush countered and dropped him. Devlin came right back with a jawbreaker. Here came the commercial with Devlin in control. After the break, they went at it.

Devlin got sent to the floor and Rush nailed a suicide dive. Rush brought it back in and hit a big crossbody from the top for a close two count. More back and forth until Devlin countered with a Cutter for another close call. Devlin went for an Asahi moonsault to the floor but barely got it. Rush hit one of his own and then brought it back into the ring. He climbed back to the top but had to roll through.

Devlin countered a mule kick with a kick of his own. He went on and hit a standing Spanish Fly. Rush ended up pulling Devlin into a submission on the floor. Devlin made it to the bottom rope to break it. Rush climbed to the top but Devlin hit the top rope and crotched him. Devlin climbed up with Rush. Rush ended up hitting an inverted hurricanrana and then The Come Up but Devlin somehow got his foot on the bottom rope. No one could believe it.

Rush went for The Final Hour but it’s blocked. Devlin came back and landed a headbutt. Devlin grabbed Rush and hit The Devil Inside (Devlin Side) for the pin to retain. After the match, The Irish Ace stood tall with the title. Devlin raised the title and celebrated while Rush was sitting up on the mat.


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