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Johnny Gargano prevailed in singles competition against Cameron Grimes


Johnny Gargano came out to a pop, for his in-ring return at Full Sail. Cameron Grimes was out next. The bell hit and they went back and forth to start. Fans were hot to start, doing dueling chants. They ended up on the mat with a few minutes of mat wrestling. Gargano delivered offense while keeping Grimes grounded on the mat. He went for the GargaNo Escape. Gargano kept the submissions going while Grimes looked for the ropes. They got up and Grimes dropped Gargano with a big knee to the gut.

Grimes kept Gargano grounded by his arm. Gargano came back with a big kick and a hurricanrana. Grimes ended up on the outside. Gargano hit a big boot from the apron. She ran the apron and hit a big running cannonball to the floor for a big pop. So, fans chanted “Johnny Wrestling!” Gargano chopped Grimes against the barrier while fans were cheering him on. He delivered more big chops while fans “Wooo!” along with him. Gargano brought it back in but Grimes rocked him on the apron. He tried to fly in with a springboard DDT but Grimes blocked it.

Grimes kept the comeback going and leveled Gargano with a big lariat. After the break, they’re still going at it. Grimes whipped Gargano hard into the corner. He then caught Gargano with a big German suplex but Gargano kicks out at two. Gargano landed a big counter. More back and forth as they traded shots. Gargano slammed Grimes and kicked him in the head. He charged and turned Grimes inside out with a clothesline. Fans popped as Grimes went to the floor for a breather.

They brought it back in the ring. Gargano nailed the slingshot Spear from the apron for a close two count. They traded more submissions and counters. Grimes drove Gargano down with a tilt-a-whirl slam for another close pin attempt. They traded big strikes in the middle of the ring. Both superstars ran the ropes several times and collided in mid-air with crossbody attempts. Grimes covered for the pin attempt but he couldn’t get it. So, fans chanted “NXT!” Fans chanted for Gargano as Grimes pounded on him.

Gargano dodged a move and then hit a superkick. Grimes came back with a superkick. They tangled again until Gargano spiked Grimes with a big DDT. Gargano looked to put Grimes away but Grimes countered with a big kick to the head. More back and forth until Gargano dropped Grimes into a GargaNo Escape. Grimes quickly tapped out. After the match, Gargano’s music hits. Gargano spoke to the camera and has a few words for Finn Balor – hoping he was watching ahead of their “Takeover: Portland” match on Sunday.



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